Onyx Monkey Unboxing Video!


We gave you a sneak peek at this pet in an earlier Webkinz Newz story, and now we’d like to present to you our newest Webkinz plush pet: the Onyx Monkey!


Check out this unboxing video, revealing the Onyx Monkey in action!



The Onyx Monkey is a true explorer! Join them as they practice their skills on a super-fun Jungle Climber! And when they’re travelling through the forest, they’ll love nothing more than stopping for a break and a Banana Split Kebab!


Here’s a look at the Onyx Monkey, along with all of the items you’ll get when adopting one:



Want a plush Onyx Monkey all your own? This and other Webkinz plush pets are now available for order directly from the Ganz eStore. You can also find the Onyx Monkey later in the month at our Amazon store!







What do YOU think of the Onyx Monkey? Let us know in the comments below!


99 Responses to Onyx Monkey Unboxing Video!

  1. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    I’ve always thought that the plush was adorable, but I wasn’t keen on the virtual. However, I broke down and bought one today! I’m going to name him Marco somewhat-after Marco Lopez from the ’70s TV show Emergency! (the exclamation point is in the title). :)

  2. jkvstudi says:

    Aww! I think this is the cutest monkey yet!

  3. Rainbowrocks99 says:

    from my oynx monkey, i got to choose rare beds! I chose the rainbow cloud bed and thought of Rainbow, my colorsplash tiger and it sorta looked :p in his room because it floated. I traded it for other items. I know it was rare, but it floated and it looked :p. It’s cool you can choose rare beds from the oynx monkey though!

  4. Rainbowrocks99 says:

    i got the most special thing from my oynx monkey, Bananas. from him, i got to choose rare beds! but i traded it because it sorta floated which made my colorsplash tiger’s room :P. But it was amazing how i got to choose rare beds from my oynx monkey!

  5. Snowfox665 says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. That little monkey is ADORABLE! I don’t usually like monkeys, but this little guy is so cute! I like how Webkinz made the monkey sitting down. I’m probably going to think about buying this guy. Good job Ganz! -Snowfox665

  6. KinzMom5 says:

    He’s pretty cute, especially the plush pet! ;) I wonder how the PSI works?…

  7. Lilly1 says:

    I love this little monkey. He is so adorable. Would love to have him or her which ever I decide. Just so cute and cuddly looking. Love this pet

  8. Webkinzlover924 says:

    I’m sorry i have to say it’s quite ugly…

  9. winterwarriorwolf says:

    Oh my gosh! This webkinz is literally the cutest little thing<3 I can't wait to adopt it, provided I'm allowed to! :D

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