Painted Glass Room Theme PART 1


The Painted Glass room theme will be released in the W-Shop on May 8th. Here’s a look at the first half of the theme. I really like the Painted Glass Wallpaper. It’s pretty unique and will work in all different types of rooms. I can picture players using it for an office, museum, bathroom, kitchen or even a spaceship!



Based on player feedback, we decided to release 2 different dining chairs. There will be a yellow one to match the dining table and a blue one that will be a nice contrast when placed with the table.


Mandy I recently interview Mike and Erik, two of the artists who worked on this theme on Podkinz episode 119. If was interesting to learn what went into creating these items:



Will you be building a Painted Glass room for your pets to play in when this theme is released on May 8th? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…



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  1. ii00 says:

    Everything is so Pretty! Quick question, this room theme is available for free players. Right?

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