Podkinz Ep: 129 – Gardening & Webkinz TV Updates


In this episode of Podkinz, Mandy and Michael show off some fun new improvements to gardening and the way TVs work in Webkinz World. Make sure you watch the whole episode because at the end, they give away a code for a Rickety Haunted Cottage Building Kit!



Miss the last episode of Podkinz when Mandy and Michael gave away a code for a Boney Candy Bag? CLICK HERE to watch to it now!


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61 Responses to Podkinz Ep: 129 – Gardening & Webkinz TV Updates

  1. landoftheweirdos says:

    how do you get the countdown to halloween paper???

  2. dianadoodlebug says:

    Does anybody have any extra house kits?

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi dianadoodlebug! I am so sorry to have to tell you that the kits aren’t sendable, or I would have sent one to you already. I think the finished houses are sendable, but that takes away a lot of the fun of asking friends for items and building it yourself. I can build another kit and send you a finished house if you really want one. Lmk…

  3. GramaandPrincess4 says:

    Love the gardening update, makes my gardening of my 3 garden rooms go a lot quicker. Thank you for another great update.

  4. 63Me says:

    Does spinning the wheel of wow on Mobile work towards the challenge?

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    So I was popping my way through harvesting my garden the other day, and I clicked on a pumpkin and paused, waiting for the pop-up window. Then as I slowly remembered that there’s no more waiting, the corners of my mouth curled into a great big grin. This is a change that I will enjoy getting used to. Easily as satisfying as popping a whole sheet of packing bubbles! Yeah. It’s that good!

  6. KeriRawr says:

    The gardening update is amazing!! Thank you so much!!

  7. obie987 says:

    Thanks for the gardening update!

  8. Sonari says:

    Another amazing podkinz! So many exciting things. A dispenser??? FOR REAL???!! SOOOO excited!! The gardening update is OUTSTANDING!! And then that change to the ticket window?? WOWOWOW!! Seriously amazing changes. A++++++++++ and thanks to all for these wonderful updates!

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