Podkinz Ep. 20: Get Creative!





Hosted by Gennelle Webkinz, this podcast is about all things Webkinz! Each episode has a theme and we chat about everything – favorite pets, awesome items, current and upcoming Webkinz events, and more! For fans who want an inside look at Webkinz World, we also feature interviews with Ganz staffers and put a spotlight on different areas in Webkinz.


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…Gennelle and co-host Eric AW talk about expressing creativity! Plus, Gennelle’s in the hot seat in Meet a Ganz-er.


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Our listeners express their creativity in so many ways!


Meet a Ganz-er: Gennelle, whose title is Writer & Social Media Lead, talks about her job!


What’s Next: Let’s talk about fall and what everyone’s most looking forward to!






139 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 20: Get Creative!

  1. adara917 says:

    genelle and i are so alike! i really want to be a toy designer (i love toys so much), love writing, telling stories, and being creative! awesome backstory about genelle! who knew she worked at a bookstore that sold webkinz and then she ended up working for it!? for the rapid fire questions: i would rather go to the kinzville park, spend the day in the employment office (i like to think of it as community service), i’m good at smoothie moves, not so good at operation gumball, i like the creative room theme, the first thing i do is turn on my phone, i think tabby would win (it’s like she has another side of her for strategy!), be a partner with Quizzy, not sure what my weirdest item is, and i would take either my pretty peacock or red squirrel! my fave things about fall are the special foods, like apple cider, apple cinnamon donut holes, and our great holidays Thanksgiving and Halloween!

  2. mazziypaziy says:

    I love making a big leave pile and jump into it! I always get covered in leaves. My mum does not really the idea but I’m okay with it.

  3. mazziypaziy says:

    Well PodKinz I love to put lots of cool stuff in my webkinz room I made sitting rooms cinemas and I working on my camp kinz room and garden witch I have to put lots of toys there too! I love to watch lets build videos, and I’m hoping to see more of them see you soon in your next video.

  4. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Hi Gennelle! Fall is probably my favorite season of the year! I like it because it’s not too hot, not too cold, and I love all the colors! I also like making leaf piles with my little brother! My little brother’s birthday is actually the day before Halloween so we always have a lot of fun this time of year!

  5. 20Rainbow07 says:

    What happened to Mike?!

  6. we1443a says:

    gennelle i have an idea for the next podkinz how about making it about webkinz binders after the twenty first one [emhoov] p.s. does eric have a webkinz account i would like to add him thanks

  7. ccaenine2 says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Halloween theme returning to the W Shop this autumn! My Bat, Freya, has a special set of 6 rooms that are all decorated with Halloween items from the W Shop, and she also has a restaurant that is not quite finished, but hopefully it will be this autumn! I’m also looking forward to collecting acorns and making some new rooms with the acorn prizes this year!

  8. puppylover8788 says:

    advent. park, academy, rocker cow, smoothie

  9. glitteringevening says:

    Gennelle, I have a question, What is your most favorite webkinz Estore pet and Rockerz pet? For me, mine is the Emerald lab, and the Rockerz fox! plus I’ll be getting the Rockerz fox soon!

  10. brownypup6 says:

    hey guys, I would like to know if I could desighn a signature webkinz for you? also, how do I become a ganz staff member?

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