Printable Countdown to Valentine’s Day Calendar with FREE Codes!



Printable Countdown to Valentine’s Day Calendar with Free Codes!

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! To show our love for our players, we are posting a printable countdown calendar with seven free codes!

Every day between February 8 and 14, log into Webkinz (web only) and enter that day’s code in the Code Shop. The codes are valid for one day only so be sure to log in every day.
Click here to download the printable PDF.


Check out the prizes and in case you have trouble reading the codes, you can find them all here.


65 Responses to Printable Countdown to Valentine’s Day Calendar with FREE Codes!

  1. Jesszzzzzz says:

    Missed the whole thing because there was little advertising it that I saw. Sadly…so many of us missed this event

  2. Fred04 says:

    I missed this too until yesterday – both this article and the one about the Valentine Day CARD code look about the same – I guess I glanced at this one and thought must have still been the one about the card and missed it. Maybe others did that too. Hope you’ll extend the dates we can get the prizes. Thanks.

  3. EmmaFett says:

    It seems like a lot of people were unaware that there was a code event for Valentine’s Day…maybe we could get a second chance to enter codes tomorrow? Or maybe next time there is an event like this, the announcement could be pinned at the top of the news feed so people don’t miss it next time? Unfortunately, I didn’t even realize there were codes either until yesterday when I overheard people talking about it in the trade room at the clubhouse. It took me a few minutes to find this article as well..

  4. Minne24 says:

    I missed out on the dresser. . so upset. little sister was sick and i was helping my mom… :(

  5. rosabellecat2001 says:

    did anyone happen to get an extra pair of race car shoes? I’m really upset that I missed out on getting them

  6. missims100 says:

    same here ugh my cable and wifi go out a lot because of our cable company so I miss a lot of things and I can’t change cable companies because that would change my parents email which I use a lot more than my email.

  7. Amygirl113 says:

    Ganz, any chance you could give us one more Valentine gift and maybe on Feb 14 – let all the codes work – sometimes we just can’t get on to get a code or miss them for whatever reason – that would be super. Thanks for considering it. I see from alot of posts some of us missed a day and this would be great if we could have a 2nd chance. Thanks.

  8. libertynews says:

    Were there any reminders put out about this? I look at newz every day, but I was sick 7th and 8th. I saw a random mention of free codes today and well I missed 4 days. I can’t believe it. :(

  9. Sarahjk2567 says:

    Can’t believe I missed the bouquet and the dresser! Sooo sad- especially because I’ve had a picture of the codes on my phone for so many days before! If anyone happens to have an extra of either and feel like sending me one I’d appreciate it a whole lot :) user is sarahkovacik

  10. OakleyJerzy says:

    The codes don’t work… that’s so disappointing…

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