Quilted Hearts Mystery Capsule

We’re SEW excited! The Quilted Hearts Mystery Capsule is coming soon to the Webkinz Next W Shop!

Collect 9 cozy items for your home.

And dress your pet in a super cute Quilted Hearts Dress.

Mystery Capsules can be purchased for Diamonds in the W Shop. The Quilted Hearts Mystery Capsule will appear in the W Shop later this month!

Which item is your favorite?

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



16 Responses to Quilted Hearts Mystery Capsule

  1. Dorothy839 says:

    I am just seeing this post now, not sure how I missed it when it was originally posted. At any rate I am confused. The way I am understanding it, we can purchase the ‘Sew Lovely’ aka ‘Quilted Hearts’ for diamonds in the Wshop. If this is correct why would we risk getting duplicate items in the capsules when we can purchase the specific items that we want? Is my understanding correct?

    • sally says:

      This theme is not available in the W Shop on Webkinz Next. The only way to get the furniture items from this theme on Webkinz Next is through the Mystery Capsule.

  2. wk2nd says:

    NO SNOWFLAKES in NEXT today. they were there yesterday but none today. :’(

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