Release #227




Hiya! It’s Cowabelle, your mayor, and I’m here to tell you what’s new in Webkinz World after today’s release!


As you know, Winterfest is on now until January 11! Get all the details on prizes to win and more right here. I love looking for floating snowflakes, don’t you?



If you love to play Webkinz on Mobile, great news: there are NEW Modern Boutique items in the Mobile Zone in the app’s W Shop for you to discover! These items are exclusive to Mobile.


And one more piece of news: we’ve fixed the coupon glitch in the W Shop! You should now be able to use them with ease. Thanks for your patience while Nuts and Bolts worked on that fix.


That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more fun stuff to come this winter!


Bye for now!




Mayor of Kinzville


146 Responses to Release #227

  1. mimi8302 says:

    I have tried several things to put mobile app on my phone and nothing is working. Can you please tell me how to do it? Thank you very much.

  2. ivysmom says:

    Will there ever be any new Ganz World Rewards? I have tons of Moneyz but have tons of the items that are offered.

  3. shuggylay says:

    WOOHOO! Finally the coupons have been fixed! Thank you GANZ! I definitely appreciate it!

  4. daddystulip02 says:


  5. kaye10 says:

    Hi me again…so glad we have Gennelle–THANK YOU GENNELLE! I feel so disconnected since we can no longer “speak” with a rep, but is good knowing you are there and listening. I thought of one more issue that has been dogging me…The parent site was once a flourishing place with very active blogs, etc. Then a site design change took place and that portion of Webkinz seemed to have be revamped to a simpler style, which was fine with me. However, it seems now to be completely inactive–also, fine with me, just that why not eliminate it if not going to keep it up? I must add to this end, e.g., the Treasure Hunt on the main Webkinz portion of the site…if they are a thing of the past: remove them, no big! I just feel someone needs to take the time to update what is on your site to what is current. Will be appreciated by those of us who try to pay attention to the details. As someone who came late to the game (was 2009 until I caught the W bug) I have probably worked harder than anyone to honestly acquire all that I missed (without buying things on some other market or employing cheat codes, etc.). I feel I have earned the right to express a legitimate opinion that evokes attention. Thanks again.

  6. kaye10 says:

    Hello & happy new year! Hey just a couple things: 1-I lost my treasured Dicekinz but thought we were to be able to TRADE the replacement coins, as I have 3 and need only keep one of them. I am taking a big-time loss on my Cheeky Dog dicekinz pack, btw–who knew you would take these away? 2-Since the year-long giveaway is underway, are you ever going to update the “Spend your Moneyz” store, as I have been stocking up points for a long time now. Also, while on this topic, you might want to update the pull-down menu to delete the categories no longer available ;) 3-THANK YOU very much for getting my Christmas boxes to me yesterday!!! YAY!!! 4-Also thanks for the new mobile store items–very nice! 5-Can you give us an idea when new SPREE items will be coming, especially all the blanks left for the full shopping bag? Ok, that’s all for now…THANKS :)

  7. Chena says:

    Did WW eliminate Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy? There hasn’t been one since November. Also, Nafaria hasn’t been around since November. Has trading with her been eliminated?

    • Gennelle Webkinz says:

      Not eliminated! Mrs. Cowoline took a bit of a break for the election but she’ll be bringing Super School Days back soon. And watch for Nafaria, she’s still hanging around Webkinz World…

  8. animelover7644 says:

    Thanks Ganz! Awesome work!

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