Room Design Awards – Vote Now!



Voting has ended.


Congratulations again to all the finalists! Results will be announced on Monday, December 13. If you are chosen as a winner, please check your inbox for an email that will explain how to get your trophy.


27 Responses to Room Design Awards – Vote Now!

  1. marcblack21 says:

    Great room designs everyone! Good luck!

  2. megamom12 says:

    There were so many really nice rooms, but my heart was set on the Girl’s Bathroom! What a really nice school you go to when your Girl’s Room has a lounge!

  3. threehounds says:

    Sally did Michael forget to put the Webkinz Next Glampire Room by SM, there’s only 19 finalists.

  4. Traveller says:

    @SallyWebkinz There’s no skill testing question, just the number 200. The system won’t allow me to vote. Help please!

  5. KSC says:

    Good luck to all the finalists!

  6. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Uummmmm somebody may wanna fix the math question on the Vote Now screen? There’s no math equation….. :/

  7. dibblerton says:

    Well, I would vote, but for me at least, the math question is glitched. :D

  8. Nate4555 says:

    I tried to place my vote but there is a skill question and it says I got it wrong and will not accept my vote. “Please answer the skill testing question below



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