Room Design Award Winners!



Big thanks to everyone who took the time to vote over the weekend! The results are in, and 10 finalists have won a Room Design Trophy!


Click on a button below to see the winning designs:








If you are one of the winners, please check your inbox this afternoon, for an email that will explain how to get your trophy.


If you want to be eligible to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards, send me a screenshot of your favorite Webkinz room. You can email it to Good luck!


9 Responses to Room Design Award Winners!

  1. ngeorgianow says:

    As someone who was a finalist for the room design contests twice but did not win, I am of the biased opinion that there should be a consolation prize of sorts, like finalists for design a pet or pet buddy contests.

  2. Elenios says:

    Woohoo!!! :) All my 3 votes made it!! :)) Congratulations to All participants – Each one of you did a splendid job! :)

  3. harevister1 says:

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners. Wonderful rooms everyone.

  4. blurayne says:

    Congratulations everyone! Great rooms!

  5. Sky_Cravens says:

    on another note i did not get awarded my apple today!!! in the park….

  6. zoomycat says:

    Congrats to everyone! The three I voted for won, yay!

  7. avarine says:

    I was really hoping for the book bar. :(

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