Season Spotlight: Executive Chef’s Stove

Every Master Chef needs a masterful stove! This Season, the grand prize for Season Pass holders is an Executive Chef Stove—a gorgeous piece of equipment, built for pets with a flare for fancy cuisine.

Not only is this prize a functioning stove, it’s also a dispenser!

The Executive Chef’s Stove dispenses one of three recipes every day: Seashell Scallops, Exquisite Duck with Sage or Chef’s Filet.
Master Chef is on until June 3! Play for free or purchase a Season Pass for $6.99 USD. Either way, your pets will love their gorgeous new kitchenware.
What do YOU think of this Season so far?​

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8 Responses to Season Spotlight: Executive Chef’s Stove

  1. buski11 says:

    I really wish we could name our rooms in each house so they were easy to find. Does anybody know how to do this?

  2. beerfeet says:

    Like the season, the wallpaper is very nice. Will you be offering more countertops for this theme?

  3. Remmierem says:

    I really enjoy this season so far — I love neutral themed stuff that can be mixed with other stuff. I was disappointed that the recipes you get are not decor (beside the first paid pass on). I was so excited for several cute little meals I could place around. I don’t waste my pick packs for food items — I don’t think a lot of players do. The recipes are gonna just sit and go unused.

  4. memsrjoan says:

    I like the ones that keep on giving, too, but I REALLY liked the space rocket ride in the last season. Awesome.

  5. persian says:

    I love this grand prize. This is so cool that it is a dispenser AND a functioning stove. A side note: The graphics on the window from the Floral French theme from our flower collection event is broken on Next. The window doesn’t give a view of outside, the wallpaper shows through on the window.

  6. biscotti says:

    Great season! Love the stove and that it’s also a dispenser! My favorite grand prizes in Next are the ones that keep on giving!!

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