Sensational Snowmen!


There’s no better way to spend a winter day than to build a cool-looking snowman! In Webkinz World you can build a Showman Snowman with the help of your friends! Once you’ve added a Showman Snowman Kit to your room, you can send requests every day for building materials to players on your friends list!


You can win one for FREE, by completing the Winterfest Challenge!


Here’s a look at some of the other Snowmen that you can add to your pet’s rooms for a more wondrous wintery time in Webkinz World!





17 Responses to Sensational Snowmen!

  1. loveofmusic101 says:

    Does anybody have a light up snowman from last year? If you happen to have an extra, I would be happy to send you something for it! My username is onesweetangel. Thank you!

  2. naiastra says:

    I missed the light up snowman last year. :( I hope it can be a prize on WKN someday.

  3. Ggrammy025 says:

    I’d like more of the Showman Snowman. Last year the kits were in the W shop and I built quite a few but I need more this year. Really wish there were a way to get more than one for my various accounts. Love him!

  4. Bellatrix5 says:

    I missed the Light Up Snowman from last year. Does anyone have one floating around in their room. I’d love to trade for one. My username is Ember21

  5. mypmyp says:

    Please make more snowmen! They don’t have to be all super special I would just love to be able to have a collection of many different types!

  6. jenniferobbi2 says:

    Thank you Ganz, these pictures are a great help.

  7. EEVSPEAK says:

    Love snowmen! :)

  8. Voloras says:

    they left out the dog snowman from the wshop!

  9. anniec07 says:

    I bought the “Smiling Snowman” from the W-shop due to a “mission” thingy. :)

  10. mollyberger says:

    I love the sneaky snowball snowman!!

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