Sneak Peek 2: Chocolate Egg Event!

The Chocolate Egg Event is only days away! Between April 11-20 you can find Chocolate Eggs and feed them to your pet for a chance to win spring prizes, including the GRAND prize, which you’ll soon discover…

Here’s how it works…


  • Log in to every day between April 11-20 to receive a FREE Milk Chocolate Egg in your Dock.
  • Click 1 more floating Milk Chocolate Egg each day, too.
  • Visit to find White Chocolate Eggs.
  • Spin the Wheel of WOW for another chance to win a White Chocolate Egg.
  • Buy a pack of 3 White Chocolate and 3 Milk Chocolate Eggs from the eStore.


Here are a few more prizes you can win (in addition to the ones we already sneak-peeked). If you missed a few prizes last year, you’re in luck because some favorites are returning, too!



Stay tuned to for the big reveal of the grand prize!



62 Responses to Sneak Peek 2: Chocolate Egg Event!

  1. resolution22 says:

    I have the duck dress and I love it!

  2. batkinzmom says:

    Like the bunny ears got two sets

  3. 95hearts says:

    I logged in today and did not get a egg but my daughter got one.

  4. msnk4 says:

    i want pink and whit bunny earsso bad at least have them BACK

  5. talitha01 says:

    I wonder what the grand prize is!! :D

  6. FunnyBunny123 says:


  7. artestgrl says:

    I love everything! it looks soo happy cant wait to see whats in may cause that’s when my bday is!

  8. juniper2280 says:

    I didn’t get the egg in my dock when I logged in this morning. Then, I clicked on a floating egg, and it said someone else got it? How does that happen? :(

  9. 2diamonds12 says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to win some cute & cool new items>..<

  10. momsattic says:

    Hey, Ganz, I just caught my 1st floaty clicky egg on my account, and it said it was taken! WWHHAAT? How do I find one on webkinznewz? Are they ads or do they float down?

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