Sneak Peek: Adopt a Grey Tabby on #NationalCatDay!



October 29 is #NationalCatDay and we’re celebrating with big mews! We’re making the virtual version of the Webkinz Classic Grey Tabby available for one day only!


If you missed this sweet plush cat when it was available, October 29 is your chance to add the virtual Grey Tabby to your Webkinz Classic family. It’s also the perfect time to adopt the virtual Grey Tabby in Webkinz Next!


The Grey Tabby comes with a virtual Pet Specific Item (PSI) and Pet Specific Food (PSF) in each game. The Grey Tabby loves its yummy Tuna Melt Medley, and spending time in its Kitty Condo!
And in Webkinz Next pets come with three Sparks that you can combine with the Sparks of a another pet to spark adorable Webkinz babies?


Mark your calendars! On #NationalCatDay on October 29, the virtual Grey Tabby Cats will make the purr-fect additions to your Webkinz families!

18 Responses to Sneak Peek: Adopt a Grey Tabby on #NationalCatDay!

  1. ndtractorboy05 says:

    Both my ccousins and I have asked several times about people on our friends list. We all have many people on our friends list who are not our friends. When we try to add friends we get message that we have to delete friends. We choose these people and get a message we are not friends with them. How do we delete them?? Ndtractorboy, Equinegirl, Dramaprincess

  2. BH1464 says:

    Sally Webkinz: Will the white tail on this pet ever be fixed in Next? It looks really weird to have a tabby cat with a pure white tail. It looks just like what it is, a mistake. I haven’t yet adopted my gray tabby as I’ve been hoping this will be corrected.

    • sally says:

      Much like the cocker spaniel’s white ears, white sections of the pets allow some of the traits and colors to show more clearly. I don’t think there’s any intention of changing this pet after all this time. The Grey Tabby was released over two years ago at this point.

      • BH1464 says:

        My point was that the white tail on the gray tabby cat was an error that should be fixed. The cocker spaniel’s white ears were left that way on purpose as part of the pet’s design. It’s not the same thing. If it’s not going to be addressed, I’ll probably not ever adopt my plush on either account. I guess I could sell it so the money isn’t wasted. Thanks for answering even though I don’t think the reason given makes sense as the issue isn’t the same for the white on the gray tabby cat’s tail and the white on the cocker spaniel’s ears. As I stated, one was a mistake and the other was an intentional part of the pet’s design.

  3. bubbac4 says:

    I guess they don’t respond to questions

    • sally says:

      Sorry, what was your question? I saw a wish that the eStore points could be used on Next. If that was meant as a question, I don’t believe there’s any plans to integrate eStore points into Next.

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