Sneak Peek: Candy Cane Collection Event in Webkinz Next

Sweet days are ahead! The Candy Cane Collection Event is returning soon to Webkinz Next. When it arrives, a Candy Cane will appear in Kinzville.

Click on the Candy Cane to begin collecting. As you collect Candy Canes, you’ll earn prizes.
10 Candy Canes: Christmas Eve Platter
20 Candy Canes: Christmas Wishes Garland
30 Candy Canes: Christmas Tree Shelves
40 Candy Canes: Christmas Wishes Rug
50Candy Canes: Christmas Wishes Fireplace

Earn one Candy Cane every day just from clicking on the Candy Cane sculpture in Kinzville!


You can request up to 4 more Candy Canes from your friends. Make sure you’re requesting from friends who are online or who were recently online. That way you’ll be sure to receive them. You can also use diamonds to skip ahead.

Which prize are you most excited about?


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20 Responses to Sneak Peek: Candy Cane Collection Event in Webkinz Next

  1. buski11 says:

    Only 4 a day? I’ll never get there

  2. cowtown2 says:

    i so hope that freidns will help its always nice when you help that they do in return, i hope that on classic that people who don’t play anymore will remove there name from the list, but then i always hope they may return someday to. so i’m sorry in advance if i ask and your not even playing much, looks like allot of nice things to come this holiday, i hope many dont have bad weather we have allot of snow this time of year, and we always have the problem of power outage. be safe and wish all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, hope we have a better year for all.

    • Twistersmom says:

      cowtown2 I am with you there. I always say if I am no longer going to play, I will unfriend myself form all on my contacts. I will make a list of those that I get request from during events and befriend them if I do decide to come back. You use to were able to see when was the last time they played in Webkinz Classic.

  3. Fluffapotamus says:

    I love the Christmas Eve platter! I think it’s nice to leave a treat for Santa’s reindeer too.

    • kalcan8 says:

      You should have seen our Christmas Eve platter last year – it was hysterical! We have a plate shaped like Santa’s face that we use to put out snacks for Santa and his reindeer every year. The people in my family have a wry sense of humor. They basically positioned all of the treats to look just like Santa’s face, complete with baby carrot angry eyebrows. Photos will be going in scrapbooks to bring laughs for generations!

      • kalcan8 says:

        I LOVE the fireplace! I hope that I get LOTS of candy canes! The rug and garland are welcome too, as I am really in need of red and green room touches to add to a Christmasy room. I LOVE the fan designed Elegant Christmas theme and happily snapped up multiples of all of the items to deck out a room. But with my growing pack of gingerbread puppies and all of their beautiful PSI beds, I am really hoping for tons of red and green items to fill out their room. Hopefully the upcoming Classic Christmas season in Next will help, and hopefully I will find enough time in my busy schedule to finish the season and earn all of the great prizes. *fingers crossed!*

  4. XenoQuacker says:

    My favorite is the garland. I am glad it is an early prize. Maybe there will be time to get a second one. I hope I can send a copy to Classic. When does this event start? By the way, anyone know when the gingerbread theme becomes available in Next?

  5. sunnypinksky says:

    Ooo I love them all but really adore the garland. I think it would look amazing in any Christmas room, especially above the door or next to a fireplace. I also really love rugs in next since you can put them at an angle, so the Christmas wishes rug is a favorite too.

  6. BH1464 says:

    I was finally able to log in and play for the entire Spa Season in Next. I actually completed the season’s 2700 with a couple of days to spare. This is the first season I’ve been able to play enough to get all the points needed and did not have to buy the final prizes using diamonds. I hope Next and my PC continue to work together correctly so I can play through this entire next season coming up. I don’t know what happened that makes it so I have been able to consistently log in, but I’m very happy to be able to log in and play.

  7. astreich001 says:

    Will these be sendable to classic ?

  8. kkat says:

    I love the tree shelves and the fireplace. I hope there’s a way to get multiple garlands, too! Thanks, Ganz!

  9. grandmaback says:

    What an excellent collection of prizes. I hope I can get through it more than once. Thank you designers!!!

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