Sneak Peek: Fantastic Flower on Webkinz Next!

We’ve been dropping hints about this and I’m happy to share a bit more info about this upcoming feature. Introducing Webkinz Next’s first cooperative game! When the Fantastic Flower event is running, you’ll find it in Kinzville. You’ll need to click the little star to get started.


After that… well, you’ll need to work together! What do you think you’ll have to do? Let us know in the comments below.
Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

22 Responses to Sneak Peek: Fantastic Flower on Webkinz Next!

  1. Sonari says:

    Well, this is a fun game, but I am disappointed that it turned out to be competitive after all. I was much more excited about working together and allowing us all to get a prize. I’m also confused about the exact rules. I’ve played only once as any other time I go out I seem to arrive just in time for it to be over. The one time I did play I got 2nd place and for that I think I got KC and an effects food. I would like to see if there’s a prize just for participating, but even so, I wonder how many kinz will stop helping once they realize they’re too far behind to catch a placement? If the flower needs to bloom in a certain amount of time, this also seems counterproductive as players may get discouraged for not being able to place and only the ones in place (or near it) will keep at it. Again, really fun game, but I do wonder if it would be better if we could just all work together and get a prize, perhaps even making the better prizes currently listed in placements part of an ongoing count- eg: Help the flower bloom x number of times for a 3rd prize, x for 2nd and so on keeping an individual account record of times participated (which I see is already active because it’s part of a challenge). Just a thought. =) Happy blooming all!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Everyone who participates gets a prize. If you don’t help the flower bloom, that’s 50 KinzCash. If you do help the flower bloom, it’s 200 KinzCash. It’s worth it even if you come late because everyone that participates gets 200 KinzCash. First, second, and third get more KinzCash as an incentive, but if you come in at the last minute, that’s a pretty easy way to make a decent amount of KinzCash, even if you don’t get one of the top three placements.

  2. slk says:

    Finally got to play, won first place with over 200,000 points and only received KCx50 – where’s the rest of what I was supposed to win??

  3. Grandma52 says:

    How do I find the star?

  4. kaye10 says:

    i assume we’ll get a heads up before this begins??? ok… i hope we’ll get a heads up…….

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