Sneak Peek: #hugyourcatday Sale, June 2-6!


Big Mews!


National Hug Your Cat Day is Saturday, June 4th and we’re celebrating with a Grey Tabby Cat sale at Ganz eStore.


The sale starts Thursday, June 2 and runs until Monday, June 6th.
Check back tomorrow for more information or visit Ganz eStore between June 2nd and 6th for some fan-tabby-ulous savings.

18 Responses to Sneak Peek: #hugyourcatday Sale, June 2-6!

  1. cr2w says:

    Will have to give my 4 house cats extra hugs Saturday. Have about 10 cats in the barn, but most are feral, and just want fed and not hugged.

  2. SirChristian7 says:

    Off topic, but any news about the Love Lion emoji @Mandy Webkinz ? I really hope the social media community didn’t let us (The collective group who are not allowed to/choose not to use social media) down this time!

  3. HappyHuskyWorth1 says:

    Wow! So adorable!!! I wish I could get one! :( My brother might. If I got one, I’d name it after our cat, Greyson (who is also a grEy tabby). I wonder how much they’ll cost during the sale. Probably $22.50

  4. duckess1 says:

    Looks like they forgot to finish the Next cat. Maybe it was a mistake and they will fix it. A lot of money for a weird looking cat. Maybe you can find a way to color the tail yourself.

  5. catloverdoglover says:

    Oh how cute! (as in the Classic one) The only reason I’d get it is the plushie and the Classic code.

  6. Funny283 says:

    Hey Sally, Did we reach 200 posts for the love lion emoji code?

  7. ilovemoonie says:

    Ooh, awesome, a sale! :D I had no idea that “National Hug Your Cat Day” was a thing, haha, but I’ll have to be sure to give my cat extra hugs on Saturday ;) And I was actually planning on buying the Grey Tabby Cat soon, so this will be the perfect opportunity to get one! =)

  8. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    AWWW, HOW CUTE! My mom already bought this pet last year though, oops.

  9. genren1 says:

    This intrigues me! I am excited to see one on sale.

  10. catgirl3004 says:

    i bought the grey tabby as my end-of-semester gift to myself and i love it! the plush is super soft and very huggable! my only problem is that the model’s tail on Next is unfinished and pretty distracting. (the classic model’s tail is fine though, and honestly way cuter!)

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