Sneak Peek: Leprechaun Clubhouse Event!


Lucky the Leprechaun returns to the Webkinz Classic Clubhouse from March 11 – 17, but it can be tricky to find him! He will always be there, but you never know which room he’ll be in! So, stay put and wait for him to appear, or jump from room to room and see if you have any luck finding him!



If you see the Leprechaun, click on him earn a jelly coin. You can click on the pot of gold icon displayed in the bottom right corner of any Clubhouse room to see your coin collection.


There are six coins to collect in total, but don’t leave your search to the last minute! Once you find the Leprechaun, you’ll have to wait for a few hours before you can collect another coin.



If you manage to collect all six coins before midnight, March 17 (EST), you’ll win Sour Shamrock Tree Seeds that you can plant in your yard:



When your tree is ready to harvest, click on it and a Sour Shamrock candy will be added to your Dock!


Don’t forget to log in to your Webkinz Classic account on March 17, to pick up your 2022 St. Patrick’s Day prize: A Bright Green Wig that your pet can wear:



Did you manage earn the Lucky Pond, last year’s grand prize for collecting all 6 coins from the Leprechaun? Let us know in the comment section below…


54 Responses to Sneak Peek: Leprechaun Clubhouse Event!

  1. martrajam says:

    This is the most difficult event. I stopped attempting this years ago. I like the ghost at Halloween that appears when you enter the room. I don’t have hours to sit and wait!! It is the worst!!

  2. Bubblilious says:

    Surely the Leprechaun should show up within a reasonable time (under 5 minutes but 1 minute would be my preference) but this waiting is infuriating sitting in a room with not much to do. Today I jumped from room to room and nothing in 40 min.-both this morning and tonight. Yesterday the same thing but I also logged off and on thinking it might reset things. My guess things are not working. My suggestion would be to consider moving this event it out of the clubhouse and for us to catch the floaty around Webkinz to earn our coins.

  3. hanna825 says:

    Found him in the trading room at 11:44am

  4. duckess1 says:

    I think this year is harder to find Lucky. The final prize is nice but is it worth the wasted time?

  5. mamaeukey1 says:

    Anyone else having difficulty finding Lucky? i spent hour in one room & 4 hours jumping around; Also ytried 10 mins in each room, any advise would be greatly welcomed

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