Sneak Peek: Meet the Next Vampire Kitten!


A brand new virtual-only pet is about to cross your path, and this is one vampire you’ll definitely want to invite in!


The Vampire Kitten swoops into the Next Adoption Center soon!



The Vampire Kitten’s Pet Specific Item, the Daytime Rest Chamber will make a creepy yet cool addition to your home, while its Pet Specific Food, the Coffin Cake is as tasty as it is terrifying – and 100% garlic-free!



This striking kitten is our first winged pet and when it comes to sparking, wings are EXCLUSIVE to Vampire Kittens! When you combine Sparks from your Vampire Kitten with another pet to spark a baby, if that baby is a Vampire Kitten, it will have wings. Wings are not passed down, so if the sparked baby is not a Vampire Kitten, it will not have wings.



The Vampire Kitten is also a limited-time pet, which makes it and its babies even more magical! It arrives in Webkinz Next with our next release and you’ll want to adopt it before it flies away in November!



What would YOU name this fang-tastic kitten?




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49 Responses to Sneak Peek: Meet the Next Vampire Kitten!

  1. nicetigress says:

    I would name him Kyle.

  2. nz107r says:

    Is there any other way to select a pet other than clicking on them ? My Vampire Kitty is stuck in her coffin and my new horse is stuck on a chair.

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