Sneak Peek: Mystical Crab

Go under the sea with the magical Mystical Crab! A fan of all things surreal and shimmery, this lovable pet loves nothing more than to take a nap on their glittering Wondrous Treasure Bed, a truly priceless find! And when they wake up in their watery wonderland, of course they’ll want an entire Surreal Sushi Platter for breakfast!

Keep your eyes on Webkinz Newz to find out how you can get your hands on this virtual pet!

87 Responses to Sneak Peek: Mystical Crab

  1. kat6401 says:

    He’s a neat crab….but our family eats Maryland blue crabs….so I don’t think I’ll get this crab..

  2. migrubbs says:

    I got this crab on Wednesday and named him Dwebble from Pokémon and gave him an underwater room for him.

  3. Rnw9kinz says:

    so sparkly and my favorite colors

  4. Iluvsticker says:

    This is pretty cool and I love the sparkles! Not a big fan of it though… Just not my type… But hey, it sure is cool!

  5. 61323163 says:

    Neat, (and I love how Ganz makes all kinds of crabs) but I’m not a big fan of this one. Webkinz should consider making a LOBSTER!

  6. shoshoneno1 says:

    This is darling! I wonder if it will walk sideways like the red one. What a hoot!

  7. Starblade2015 says:

    The bed is awesome! I can’t wait until it comes out, because I will look for it in stores. I am also open to friend requests. I am Starblade2014 on WebkinzWorld. I will give lots of help in challenges, and will probably send you a gift every day, if I’m not too busy with challenges. Will always invite you to my house if you are available. So if any WebkinzWorld players are reading this, then please send me a friend request!!!

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