SNEAK PEEK: Player Appreciation Day, Feb. 17, 2019

This month’s Player Appreciation Day falls on February 17. That’s exactly one month before St. Patrick’s Day, so I’ve invited Lucky the Leprechaun to help me show off the new Player Appreciation Gift – a beautiful Clover Rug from Ganz eStore. The Clover Rug offers four different patterns – rotate it in your pet’s room to see all four looks.


This item is not tradeable or sellable. If you would like to add it to your Webkinz account, log in to (web only) on February 17 and visit Today’s Activities, which can be found in the Things To Do menu. Then click to collect your gift.


And remember, you can find many more awesome St. Patrick’s themed items at Ganz eStore!

72 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Player Appreciation Day, Feb. 17, 2019

  1. Demongirl10 says:

    This will look super cute in my Lucky Dino’s room :)

  2. pamala says:

    servers are full again today, whats going on?

  3. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Ohh, pretty! ^-^ I’ll take it, hehe, thank you, Sophie!

  4. alucard says:

    Thank you, Sophie! I love this! It will go nicely in my St. Patrick’s Day themed room! :-)

  5. TaffyKitty12 says:

    How pretty! >^^< Can't wait to get this rug ;)

  6. CDR_Shepard says:

    it’s okay i guess… doesn’t really go with the Valentine theme of February, would have been better if this was given out next month.

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      Hmm.. that’s a good point. XD Maybe they plan on giving us some White Chocolate Eggs in March instead?

    • janglad62 says:

      Maybe the Player Appreciation Day in March will be more towards the end of the month, like maybe the 29th. So, it made more sense to give the St. Patrick’s Day prize in the middle February so people can use it in their St. Patrick’s Day rooms and not get it too late to use for decorating.

  7. criss999 says:

    thanks love it

  8. eclipse07 says:

    I was hoping for something valentine themed :|

  9. hope1122 says:

    love it! hope1112

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