Sneak Peek: Printable Countdown Calendar with FREE Codes!

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Santakinz’ Reindeer are getting ready to show him the way to Webkinz World – and this year an adorable Reindeer is here to show YOU the spirit of the holidays with a special gift every day! Introducing  the 2018 Printable Countdown Calendar from Webkinz!


The Countdown Calendar offers a free code every day for 12 days!  Every day between December 14 and 25, enter the code in the Code Shop to get a different virtual gift. But the code is valid for one day only – until midnight EST – so don’t forget to log in every day to collect your gift.


Each code is valid for one day only!


The Countdown Calendar includes two Reindeer Calf Cake Pops that you can feed to your pet to earn a prize! And the best thing about this special holiday calendar? You can share it with your friends – and show everyone the joy of Webkinz!




Each code is valid for one day only – the corresponding date that appears on the calendar  - and expires at midnight EST so be sure to claim it before then and remind your friends to claim theirs.


Please note: If you try to use a Code on a date it is not valid or use it more than once you may get locked out of the Code Shop for 24 hours!


You can redeem these codes by entering them at the Code Shop, which you can find in the Things To Do menu on The prizes are limited to 1 code per account.


If you don’t have a printer, we have added the codes below for you. But remember – each one is valid for one day only!


W245-ZPXD-E3PW-38MS December 25
W245-HMWH-UWPY-PUQC December 24
W24F-BRE7-LY4N-6RVA December 23
W247-ACMV-J4PG-W62Y December 22
W24Z-5SAU-X8SD-Z5T8 December 21
W245-5ZLY-TLGV-EFW6 December 20
W245-8RU9-25KS-U2XY December 19
W24Q-8Y7A-3RKA-Y2BJ December 18
W24V-FHSS-FCPR-TTNY December 17
W243-XZ9D-SKP4-JAAG December 16
W24P-H3HH-6DR3-K42A December 15
W24B-U52E-E8SX-89GL December 14


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109 Responses to Sneak Peek: Printable Countdown Calendar with FREE Codes!

  1. annie4055 says:

    I entered the code for Dec 23rd and it did not work, sad!!!

  2. tntmonton says:

    It would be helpful if you would print the name of the prizes under each one, as this is how we have to find them in the dock.

  3. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    If it makes ya guys feel any better, today’s code is…(I’m gonna regret this) DUHBEYOU | TWO | FOUR | EFF | BEE | ARE | E | SEVEN | EL | WHY | FOUR | EN | SIX | ARE | VEE | A . So that’s w24f-bre7-ly4n-6rva or W24F-BRE7-LY4N-6RVA . =) (Ly4n or 6rva(or 6river) would be good usernames! *Gets an idea* I hope I helped ya’ll folks and have a Merry Christmas! (AGAIN) (I’m not even tired to go to bed. LOL! I must’ve had caffeine or sugar.. *evil laugh*) =) |I|I|I|I|I|I

  4. TheSleepingBeauty says:

    I’m in the boat now as well :-( Not happy we’ll be missing out on the bobble head. I think because everyone is getting locked out of the code shop because of something they couldn’t help due to the poor font someone from webkiz chose everyone should be unlocked.

    • bear10201 says:

      Some of the letters/numbers in the font are difficult to tell one from the other. I am glad they put them in the list above. I just took a picture of it on my phone and then enlarge it to type it in when I am in-game. It is easier for me.

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      I ended up getting it. Do you want it? I have 2. I’m 09xStarlightx09 on Webkinz. Have you tried copying and pasting it? If you mix the copy+paste with typing, it won’t work.

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