Sneak Peek: Save on a Panda and a Friend!


Everyone needs a friend – especially around Valentines Day! That’s why we’re bringing out a special promotion for the purchase of a plush Panda and a friend!


Watch Webkinz Newz to find out how you can save when you purchase a plush Webkinz Panda and a second plush pet of your choice!


Each Webkinz plush pet comes with two codes for virtual online avatars, one in Webkinz Classic and one in Webkinz Next! Virtual avatars come with a Pet Specific Food (PSF) and Pet Specific Item (PSI) in each game.


The Panda comes with a Bamboo Chute Slide in Webkinz Next and a Bamboo Dragon Rider in Webkinz Classic, as well as yummy Bamboo Salad!


Plus, in Webkinz Next, each pet comes with three Sparks, that you can combine with your other pets’ Sparks to spark adorable Webkinz babies!


Don’t miss out on the chance to save on a Panda and a Friend! Watch Webkinz Newz for more details!



5 Responses to Sneak Peek: Save on a Panda and a Friend!

  1. pepsi4324 says:

    I wish they would make a bunch of the E-Store pets as plushes. Those I would buy in a second. These new remakes of the Classic pets don’t interest me at all.

  2. netge says:

    Will this be available to non US players in the Adoption Centre? I have been wanting a Panda in the game for a while, but it isn’t possible to get one when you live outside the US. I’m happy to buy an extra pet, if it means I can get the Panda. Thanks.

  3. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Aww cute I don’t think I will get it this time but still thank you for putting it on sale for other people who wants it! Thank you Ganz very generous of you!

  4. wba07 says:

    I love the Webkinz Next Panda!!! This will be a perfect set for a gift! :D

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