Sneak Peek: Storybook Garden!

Starting Aug. 22, win these enchanting prizes!

Storybook Garden begins tomorrow, August 22, and we have designed an enchanting series of prizes to help turn your home into a fairy tale land!
Play for free or purchase a Season Pass, either way the prizes are epic.

Decorate your home with indoor and outdoor items including:

  • Storybook Garden Door
  • Enchanted Tower Lookout
  • Weathered Wishing Well
  • Royal Frog Fountain
  • Floral Tree Swing
  • Magical Fruit Tree (dispenser)

…and more!

Dress your pets in storybook garb including:

  • Lavender Peacoat
  • Nature’s Floral Bracelet
  • Casual Magic Garden Dress
  • Storybook Garden Gown
  • Storybook Garden Backpack


Plus, we are featuring two new emojis: The Sending Flowers Emoji and the Blushing Pup Emoji.
Re-vamp your avatar with the Storybook Hedge Avatar Border, the Storybook Garden Avatar Background and the Royal Frog Avatar.
As always, win Kinzcash, School Ribbons and Wish Tokens!
Storybook Garden starts tomorrow! Make sure to login for your daily tasks and get started on your weekly tasks as soon as possible. Give your pets’ the Storybook Garden they’ve always wanted!
Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



23 Responses to Sneak Peek: Storybook Garden!

  1. leena17 says:

    I sure hope that I can harvest some competition crops for my acounts before the season is over. They certainly seem to be rare!

  2. birdfolks2 says:

    Stop the emojis and give us real things..or at least give us a choice.

  3. birdfolks2 says:

    I need to know if there is any other secret things to find and win, like the flowers daily, there was a ghost that when u found him in the curio shop u could click on him and get extra diamonds, then one day he was just gone. Please list any of promotional events that are something u need to click on and win type thing. If your not doing anything else please say that too. God Bless birdfolks

  4. birdfolks2 says:

    Has anyone having this issue?, I bought over 30 capsules for $300. to try my luck to win a bed or wardrobe, I didn’t get any beds, a lot of small worth items, also I won 9 dresses and 7 hats, which by itself should be robery but you can’t even trade those two items, what do I need that much non tradeable items, And when you spend over three hundred on a theme with that kind of money you should least get a variety of gifts and not make us never want to buy capsules to have fun trading or a new room, But with what I got I cant even decerate a closet..

  5. birdfolks2 says:

    I am kinda of tired of most days you can’t type in chat. Also why so many emojis, cant trade or anything, I would rather have pet prizes or something else.It seems like every new 5 wk challenges are giving less and less for the money. please give better prizes, not just emojis.

  6. puppyluv9063 says:

    I absolutely love all of these season prizes! I am so excited! Thank you!

  7. 2diamonds12 says:

    Awesome looking prizes, but my account isn’t working properly : my 2 pcs of slag didn’t register that I collected yesterday on the 22nd, nor my 3 seedling purchases at farmer’s market., The season points system score board isn’t keeping a tally of all my points either ? 9delicious12.

  8. XenoQuacker says:

    I was quite upset Monday morning when I saw no grand prize for the top row of prizes. My thanks to the Webkinz team for taking care of that.

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