Sneak Peek: Winterfest is coming soon to Webkinz Next!


This month, Winterfest is coming back to Webkinz Next with four new prizes. And, the coolest prize of all. The Snow Fort is back!



To participate, click snowflakes as they float across your screen.



Each snowflake awards one random Winterfest prize and one snowflake material. When you collect 35 snowflakes, you will be able to build a Snow Fort at your Workbench. Your pets can sit inside the Snow Fort!




This year, we have brought back the Fancy Frozen Vase and Warm Wick Candles from Winterfest 2021.



We have also brought back the Winter Snow Bunting and the Potpourri Bowl from Winterfest 2022.



And, we’ve added four cool prizes to this year’s prize pool: the Winterfest Raccoon Plushy, Frosted Potted Topiary, Decorative Pine Cones and Warm Wishes Wall Art



Can you collect them all?





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42 Responses to Sneak Peek: Winterfest is coming soon to Webkinz Next!

  1. Jole1993 says:

    There seems to be a glitch, I have been on for about two hours (tryed logging off & back on) But not a single snowflake all day.

  2. bkbauer says:

    Are there 5 snowflakes to catch a day?

  3. kaye10 says:

    love, love all these prizes… can’t wait :)

  4. sharon541 says:

    Micheal, thank you so much for the information on Winterfest in Next.

  5. Sonari says:

    The following items are bugged:
    Cherry Bloom Mystery Capsule – doesn’t display correctly when set in room.
    Tulip Mystery Capsule – doesn’t display correctly when set in room.
    Severely Bugged:
    Halloween Ball Dining Chair – can’t even pick it up to dock to get it out of the way.
    *I’d also like to make another request that ALL prize containers have the option to CANCEL when clicked. There are so many cute prize containers that make great displays, but it’s scary to use them in a room because if you accidently click one opens and then it’s gone forever.

    • kaye10 says:

      interesting to meet another perfectionist–yay, we do exist! did you notice that the xmas grandfather clock cannot be placed on a pertect angle? so distracting to me i had to place it in storage. however, i NEED MORE storage for the things i do not wish to display & ALSO A WAY TO DISPOSE of everything i do not want! wouldn’t that be nice? and also lol while i’m at it–we need more property if these challenges are going to continue OR WHERE WILL we put all this stuff? Anywho, hope you are well, thanks & best, k.

      • Sonari says:

        We do indeed exist! Burying the base of the clock helps (plants, large items) but yes, I see the irritation. I too would appreciate being able to organize things into storage better. Wall items are a big one in classic that bothers me, but being able to sell the things I don’t want? YES PLEASE! If I get one more of those pink garbage cans from the wheel of wow…ah!!!! That said, thank you to whatever kind soul (or souls) decided to make food items stack in fridges in Next. May good fortune find you always!

        • gionfrid says:

          Please, please, please have the programmers program items so we can SELL them. As some of the comments have made clear, we have so many that we don’t want and just clutter up storage rooms. It seems so random what you can sell and what you can’t. It just can’t be that hard to program each item so it can be sold! I’m begging you! I like playing WKNext but I’m really upset about how many items I’ve collected that I don’t want and can’t sell.

  6. sharon541 says:

    Did the snowflakes start today, Jan 14 in Webkinz Next. I haven’t seen any fall yet.

  7. Sonari says:

    Hooray for winter! Question: Last season’s magical sleigh – is it a seat? I thought it was a vehicle, but it doesn’t move like one – on the other hand, my webkinz can’t get off of it unless I click on it again once they’re on, which IS like a vehicle. Is it bugged?

  8. bkbauer says:

    How many different kinds of snowflakes can you win in the Fantastic Snowman game? So far I have gotten 5 different kinds. Are there more than that? Also how many styles of snowflake tiles are there to win?

    • bkbauer says:

      OK so I discovered 6 styles of snowflakes in my dock. However when you drag the Snowflake Wall Art onto the wall it displays as the”Radiant Wall Snowflake” making only 5 different snowflakes when displayed instead of the 6 kinds pictured in the dock. Anyone else notice this?

      • 11auntie says:

        I’m confused and hope you can help me. Where are you finding these flakes? I don’t remember seeing any notice of the Fantastic Snowman game giving snowflakes, and Winterfest isn’t scheduled to start in Next until Jan. 14. Are you seeing them early? What am I missing?

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          The Snowflakes are part of the top prizes for the Fantastic Snowman event. If you don’t end up ranking, you wouldn’t get any of the prizes other than KinzCash.

          • kaye10 says:

            Noooo lol! Thanks for the tip that there may be prizes worth trying for! best, k.

          • kaye10 says:

            hi ms. sally, how are you? i have attempted and won the fantastic snowman event; however i got a snowflake tile–which is what i thought the prize was from an early announcement & yay also a bottle o’ snowflake which i promptly stored for posterity. however, i am still baffled by the above comment mentioning snowflake artwork displaying on walls–must i continue to play & win or what is going on, please? thanks so very much. k.

          • bkbauer says:

            kaye10, Yes everytime you place in the top 3 in the Fantastic Snowman event you will win either a snowflake tile or a snowflake that can be placed on the wall. There are 6 different styles however one of them is displaying as a duplicate making only 5 usable different styles. Good luck hope you get them all. I find the snowflake wall art is more common to receive then the floor tiles in my experience.

  9. Demongirl10 says:

    Oh yay, glad to see prizes are coming back! I didn’t have enough free time to collect enough snowflakes to make everything last year so I hope I can get the fort this time around! :) Also this might be a silly question but how do you get the snowy terrain for your yard? I don’t have an option for that in my home’s settings nor do I see in the shop, thanks!

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