Snow Soft Kitty

Get cozy with the adorable Snow Soft Kitty! A lover of all things winter, this soft-as-snow pet loves to curl up on their Snowdrift Sofa to enjoy watching the snow fall. In fact, it makes them so happy that they’ll definitely ask for you for a Cloud Nine Custard or two, too!

96 Responses to Snow Soft Kitty

  1. janessasawmiller says:

    I want 1

  2. fierywarmth says:


  3. SilversoftClara says:

    I do not want to offend anyone but doesn’t this seem like a copy of the silversoft cat?

  4. RibbonsandtheGang says:

    Isn’t this like the Silversoft Cat?

  5. webkinzcupcakes2014 says:

    All Webkinz are cute, but OMG this kitty is the best cute Webkinz EVER!!!

  6. jillianchee8 says:

    cute i <3 cats

  7. laney9Kinz says:

    Me to I like the plush more than the online version because it looks so fluffy by the way it is sold on

  8. gdlovescandy says:

    OMG. The snow soft kitty looks so cute and fluffy! I can’t wait wait for christmas to get this i need to save up now!!!!!

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