Sparkle Harp Seal

Seal the deal for a new Webkinz Pet by picking up a Sparkle Harp Seal! This flippered friend will have a blast playing peek-a-boo in their Frozen Ice Flow! And if you really want to make them happy, feed them their favorite snack; some Saltwater Snow Chips!

123 Responses to Sparkle Harp Seal

  1. davethewolf777 says:

    I got this plush on January while the January Pet of the month wasn’t released yet, I adopted it, only the pet gift

  2. fierywarmth says:

    Oh, my gosh! My brother would love to have thiiiiiss! I can feel iiiit!

  3. brooklynhogan15 says:

    OH MY GOODNESS it is so adorable!!!!!!!!

  4. jillianchee8 says:

    never mind i spelled favorite right! I thought I didn’t! LOL

  5. jillianchee8 says:

    I meant FAVORITE. Sorry.

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