Special Report With Mandy Webkinz: Meet our New Mayor!


Happy New Year! In my first special report of 2019, I’m proud to bring the first interview with our newly sworn-in mayor, Sophie Stockwell!


Mandy: Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new post, Mayor Stockwell!


Sophie: (laughs) Oh, Mandy! Please – call me Sophie!


Mandy: Okay, Sophie. I think the first thing that our readers wants to know is how you originally came to Kinzville.


Sophie: Well, a few years ago I was looking for new opportunities. I had always been a big fan of Ganz eStore and all of the cool stuff they had to offer, so when I saw them advertising for a new employee, I jumped at the chance to apply.


Mandy: Wow – were there a lot of candidates for the position?


Sophie: There were a few, and it came down to me and two other candidates. The Webkinz community was asked to weigh in on the decision and to my delight I got the job!


Mandy: I guess that was great experience for running for mayor! Your job at eStore must keep you busy. Are you sure you’ll have time to take on the responsibility of running Kinzville as well?


Sophie: Well actually, it is my job at Ganz eStore that has taken me into the community and given me the chance to meet the residents of Kinzville, which is what convinced me to run in the first place. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to showcase cool new eStore themes in the Clubhouse where I get to interact with our players. I’ve also been fortunate enough to get to meet players in the Park on several occasions. I feel like my job as an ambassador for the eStore brand has allowed me to really get to know Kinzville. It has given me the confidence that I can balance the duties of working hard for eStore AND representing the citizens of this great town!


Mandy: Well, you’re certainly doing a great job of spreading the word about eStore. Voters seemed really engaged by your platform of creating a Player Appreciation Day every month in which players will get a gift from eStore. Now everyone gets the chance to experience some of the cool stuff that eStore has to offer.


Sophie: Yes, but in my role as mayor, I will be focused on more than eStore. I promise to work hard to communicate with our players about everything that is happening in Webkinz World. Watch for my updates when there are new releases. And I hope to be able to hold some events in the Park where I get to interact with my constituents.


Mandy: Good to know! Webkinz Newz is the place for readers to find out about upcoming events. I have one last question for you, Sophie. It’s a bit of a mystery, and I’m sure all of our readers want to know the real story. What type of animal are you?


Sophie: (laughs) Oh my gosh – I’ve heard that question before! I know it may be hard to tell since I like to wear my hair a bit longer, but I am a…chipmunk!


Mandy: Aha! I thought I saw the hint of a stripe peeking out from under those bangs! Well, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today, Sophie. I’m sure all of Kinzville will join me in offering you our best wishes for a happy and successful first term as mayor.


Sophie: Thank you so much, Mandy, and thank you to the voters for placing your trust in me. I promise not to let you down!

25 Responses to Special Report With Mandy Webkinz: Meet our New Mayor!

  1. frozenanna2 says:

    When is the next 2020 Election? I want Wacky Zingoz to be the new mayor.

  2. miraclemary12 says:

    Congratulations, Sophie, I know you will make a great mayor.

  3. KaybeeM says:

    Will Doctor Quack come back as the Doctor in Webkinz then?

  4. KSC says:

    Happy New Year Mandy and Sophie! Thanks for the report Mandy!

  5. lemony says:

    Sophie…congrats. Just wondering will we be seeing plush for Jan? Or did Dr Quack take em when he lost his position as mayor ;) thanks

  6. Ashley234smilly says:

    Wow I still can’t believe Sophie is a chipmunk!

  7. megamom12 says:

    Congratulations Sophie! I’m excited to see what you have in mind for our community.

  8. julieperkins says:

    WTG Sophie!!!

  9. rainelda says:

    Hey Mandy I have a question, how do you guys keep track of all this stuff? do you guys have a catalog of items and events that happened and stuff?

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