Special Report With Michael Webkinz


On a recent episode of Podkinz, I read an email from AnnM2990. In the email, they asked if I could provide some tips on how to build a Webkinz bathroom. I promised to follow up by showcasing some Webkinz bathroom designs as a special report… So, today I will show you 10 bathroom designs that were sent to me by Webkinz players and hopefully AnnM2990 (and all of you) will be inspired to build your own awesome Webkinz bathroom for your pets!


But first, here’s a look at AnnM2990′s email in case you missed Podkinz Ep 15:


Now, as promised, here’s a look at 10 different bathroom designs:


If you would like to send me a screenshot of your favorite Webkinz room, you can email it to letsbuild@ganz.com. I often showcase room designs on Webkinz Newz.


This has been Michael Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz…


40 Responses to Special Report With Michael Webkinz

  1. annm2990 says:

    Michael, Thanks so much for sharing my letter and for all of these ideas and designs! I’m going to try to be as creative as I can and I will send in a before and after picture when I am done.

  2. Crystal_Secret1944 says:

    These are fun to look at, and I totally want to redesign my Webkinz bathrooms now! XD

  3. pamala says:

    Thanks to all for your help, I can stop looking now :( You all are always so sweet and helpful.

  4. newsview says:

    Absolutely love that this brought more room designs to our attetnion <3 Fabulous variety and creativity in these bathroom designs. Well done every one!! I have definitely gotten some wonderful ideas from seeing these.

  5. Bubblilious1 says:

    These bathrooms are spectacular. Thank you for showing them. I can see our pets get lots of pampering. I hope in the future we can get more bathroom themes. I would love to see pieces for the Ichiban and Bloomin’.

  6. pamala says:

    michael please help me identify the wallpaper used in “elegant bathroom” by ninjagozane. I am having zero luck locating it,thanks

    • newsview says:

      Hi pamala, the Wallpaper used in ninjagozane’s wonderful room is the Lovely Iridescent Wallpaper, part of the Lovely Iridescent Theme in the eStore.

    • Mila14 says:

      I believe the wallpaper is Lovely Iridescent Wallpaper from the Ganz eStore. Hope this helps.

    • animalmomkls says:

      Hi pamela, It is absolutely gorgeous isn’t it. I went hunting for it myself. From what I could find out it’s called the Lovely Iridescent Wallpaper and was available only in the Spring 2014 Super Mystery Bag. I like some of the other pieces in the theme too. Do they ever bring any of those Super Mystery Bags back? Hope you have a great week. Your friend animalmomkls : )

  7. pamala says:

    please help I cant find elegant bathrooms wallpaper, where do I find it,going nuts looking, Thanks

  8. pinkJess says:

    Thanks for sharing these creative designs with us:)

  9. Beckinz8 says:

    Pig knuckles placement of the Persephone plushie made me smile! Turrets blue bathroom is definitely a style that I can see myself copying. I like how you used the spice rack as a shelf for bath needs. And I’ve said it before – I would love to vacation in a place that has as grand a bathroom as the one that eigram has designed! Great job designers, and Michael Webkinz, thanks for sharing!

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