Special Report With Sally Webkinz



While summer isn’t officially here, things are definitely sunnier! This time, I’m going to be looking at Sunflower foods. Check them out!



I think I could go for a Sunflower and Spice Muffin right about now. What looks most appealing to you? Let me know if I missed any sunflower foods!



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  1. ArcanineEspeon says:

    I’m…really surprised there are even enough sunflower foods to make a page out of. Well, I guess 9 isn’t that many. Even though Sunflower seed sorbet really doesn’t make any sense (sorbet is made with fruit juice?) I’ve been dreaming about frozen treats every day for who knows how long so I’ll take a big pile of that if you please. So, according to the other comments you can earn prizes from eating salt and pepper sunflower seeds. What event could those possibly be acquired from?

    • roachiesmom1 says:

      I finally found it…Autumn Sunflower Seeds yield the salt and pepper seeds. So I guess they’re considered a seasonal item and we can only hope they will be back in the estore this fall (another reason to plead with fall to hurry back.)

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