Special Report With Sally Webkinz


It’s definitely apple season inĀ  Webkinz World! Apples in the Park, apples in the Clubhouse — it’s all about apples. So why not continue the theme? I’ve looked at Candy Apples before, but this time, I’m feeling a bit thirsty… so here are the apple-related beverages in Webkinz World!



So, which drink looks most appealing to you? I think I could really go for a glass of Sparkling Apple Juice!

29 Responses to Special Report With Sally Webkinz

  1. Animalgirl4eva_ says:

    I own the maple apple cider. How do you get sparkling apple juice?

  2. Morninglight says:

    Yum they all looks good

  3. Dr Quack Fan says:

    Sally Webkinz, I would like to thank you for trading with me in the trading room the other day. I was the butterscotch retriever, Jodie. I would also like to thank you on behalf of my friends, Rose and Ivory, since you traded with them too. Thank you so much for doing that and adding me to your friends list, puppysheba

  4. Longears20035 says:

    Today I will do caramel apple!

  5. cowtown2 says:

    they all look so refreshing to me, some i have never seen before Sally but some look like fall is on its way. have a refreshing cool tea then warm it up next to a fire soon, have a great weekend to all , have a wonderful Labor day thank you all for you hard work be safe and happy save a life wear a mask love to all.

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