Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. In today’s special report, I’m going to take a look at growing gardens in your yard.



For those who’ve been playing in Webkinz World for a while, you’ll know that you can find seed packets in the WShop under the Fun Stuff category.





Once you drag and drop your seeds into either an outdoor or treetop room, unlike before, you’ll no longer need to maintain them before they’re ready for harvest. After enough days have passed, you’ll see your plants are ready.



Click on them to send the grown food to your Dock. The harvested plant will return to its initial growth state and start the clock on growing again.


*Technical note: You can move Growing Garden items around a room at any time without affecting their growth timeline, but if you remove it from the room by sending it back to the Dock, it will be reset.





Plants will remain ready for harvest until you click on them and will never rot. Harvested food can either be fed to your pet or sold back to the WShop for KinzCash. Becoming a Webkinz farmer is a great way to earn lots of KinzCash!





Here is a look at the Growing Garden seeds available for KinzCash and how long they take before they’re ready to harvest!


*Technical note: Each Growing Gardens plant grows only 1 food item.




Note: Most Growing Garden seeds in the WShop available for eStore points take 7 days before they’re ready for harvest.


Have YOU been growing YOUR garden? And what would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. WebkinzLover2015 says:

    Yes, that’s one of the best ways to make money quite easy! I’ve been doing this for couple years now , and I must admit all the money put in pays off. Awesome report!

  2. julieperkins says:

    Great text, and I really agree 125%

  3. Yatzela12 says:

    Omgosh great report

  4. julieperkins says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my gardens, there’s a room for each one. I’m a health nut so my pets get tons of the vegie’s!

  5. alucard says:

    I love to get the fresh garden foods for my pets and for resale. There are three things I wish the Webkinz Team would do for us: 1. Have a package of seeds that would grow the dry (dead) cornstalks. I really miss having a cornstalk maze of dried cornstalks for my Halloween outside room. 2. Shorten the growing time. No seeds should take more than 5 days to grow! This is not real life! This would help with selling our food for KC. 3. Please do NOT go back to us having to water and tend to our gardens. With all the daily activities and “Fill The Heart” jobs/activities we have to do, there is barely enough time to just harvest our plants, much less tend to them all the time. New affordable seeds that are NOT for eStore points or Deluxe Only, and shorter growing time, would be a wonderful thing for the Webkinz Team to do for us. Please, Webkinz Team! Please do this for us! :-)

  6. KSC says:

    Hi Steve! Thank you so much for this great report, especially for the list of harvest times for the different types of crops!

  7. ImaPepper says:

    I love to garden, and I have a garden in real life. I’ve come to know that there are two kinds of people when it comes to gardening: those who love to do the work of tending, weeding, watering, and such; and those who prefer not to. I am of the former persuasion–I get a lot of enjoyment out of the tasks. But, not everyone does. The same is true of WW players, so I have a suggestion. Could there be, sometime in the not-too-distant future, a second version of the Growing Gardens seeds? One version that requires tending, and one that doesn’t? That way players could choose whether they would like to water and weed their gardens or not. (Or let them die back, like cornstalks for creepy cornfields and such). Personally, I wish the gardening would go back to the way it was before WebkinzX; but other players would be upset if it changed. Anyway, it’s a thought…the easiest way I can think of to make everyone happy.

  8. KimAA1214 says:

    I agree with Scorpio and the others who suggested we need some new seeds for sale in the WShop for Kinzcash (not the estore for estore points); something new would be amazing!! I don’t remember the last time there was a new garden seed (in the WShop for KinzCash). I would even be willing to pay more for it.. more kinz cash than the current WShop seeds cost us. On another note, since we are all entitled to our own opinion, I must confess that I absolutely LoVe LoVe LoVe the new way of gardening!! I thought it was dreadfully tedious to water my seedlings every day or, worse yet, to rake and then water each and every plant (because something came up in my real life that precluded me from watering the day before)!! I have to say that I had much less garden space back then (only one garden) and now that maintaining a garden is easier, I have 4 different gardens, including an apple orchard! If I had to click each seedling every day for 7 to 12 days to harvest one watermelon or tomato, I know for sure that I would be back to one garden and a lot of dying crops! Switching gears, I agree with Powerann… A way to sell a quantity of an item to the WShop would be a very welcome amenity! I had like 2000 strawberries and I swear it felt like it took me all day to sell them to the WShop!! If my Webkinz account hadn’t been so slow and bogged down, I would have just kept them because of the tedious, time-consuming effort it took to sell all 2,000 of them!! It would have been nice to enter a quantity and sell them all at once. I would have been over the moon to just be able to sell 100 pieces at one time so having the option of entering a quantity would be awesome, especially for selling our crops! I sure hope someone is listening…. and thank you if you are!!

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