Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. In today’s special report, I’m going to take a look at Webkinz Party Packs!




You can find Party Packs in the WShop under the “Fun Stuff” category. Some Party Packs are seasonal, while others are always there. At any time, you should be able to pick up and plan a Big Top Circus party, a Birthday Boy party, a Birthday Girl party, a Blockbuster movie party, a Cheerleader party, an Enchanted fantasy party, a Garden party, a Pizza party, a Space party, or a Tea party!





The seasonal Party Packs include parties for Christmas, Valentine’s, Winterfest, Spring, Summer, and of course, Halloween!





A Party Room Pack will give you a specially-themed party room to host your party, while a House Party Pack (indicated with a house icon over the Party pack box) lets you host in one of your own rooms!





Drag a purchased party pack into your pet’s room and you can start setting it up. You can choose who you want to invite, which games your guests will play, and when you want to host it!






5 minutes before your party begins, you should see a countdown appear in your pet’s room. At that point you can choose to decline the invitation by clicking the “Not Going” button. Once the countdown is finished, it will be replaced with a “Let’s Go” button to take you to the party.



Once all of the games are done, make sure you click on the “Grab a Loot Bag” button to get a loot bag to bring back home. When you drag the Loot Bag from your Dock into your pet’s room, you’ll find 3 of these random party prizes inside!





Don’t forget to dress your pets up in their favorite costumes before heading out to the party!


Have YOU ever hosted a Webkinz Party? And what would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below!


42 Responses to Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!

  1. grasshopper21 says:

    I tried to host a party a couple years ago but it didn’t work. This is a great guide so I may try it again. Steve Webkinz, could you do a report on the Dress Your Pet button for clothes storage? I’m not sure I understand how it works.

  2. Spring says:

    What time zone is the invitation, my zone or my webkinz friend’s zone or webkinz headquarters zone? Sometimes, at the party starting time there is no “Party on now” and, sometimes, there is. So, I think, it depends on the time zone. Can anyone tell me what time zone it is?

  3. KSC says:

    I’ve successfully attended a few parties, but never hosted one. I’m curious to try.

  4. BenjaminT says:

    I want to try one of these party pack so bad, but I won’t because everyone says they don’t work (or sometimes do work…) I’m not taking that chance. LOL l’ll just wait until I know they work. Sad, but it’s not worth wasting my KinzCash. WHY IS GANZ NOT RESPONDING???? ….or at least making a statement about them not working / glitched!?!?!

  5. lovekeet says:

    I was invited to a party yesterday. Tried to go. Pushed the x button on the “not going to party” but turned out that gets rid of the party button, doesn’t x out the “not going to party”. I had no way of getting it back. So I couldn’t go to my friend’s Halloween party. Don’t know if that’s just a bad feature (not being clear about the x) or it doesn’t work. Thanks for the invite, though, 25wonder25!

  6. criss999 says:

    they never work for me

  7. CocoaBunny says:

    Help!!!! All of my growing garden plants in the room I tried to attend someone else’s party from have been reset again! They were about halfway through the growing process this time, and the change was noticed 2hrs after the scheduled party time. D:

  8. julieperkins says:

    Awesome, I was never quite sure to host these parties, and failed every time I tried. thank you for these instructions.

    • BenjaminT says:

      I am very grateful for the instructions too!!! I always get invitations and have tried hosting my own party, but never fully understood what was going to happen. I want to try and host a party on the weekend and hope that some of my friends can attend. (weekends are better for me to actually have to be logged in – LOL didn’t know that part) I’m nervous because everyone’s comments so far are that they work or they don’t. Ugh! :/ If every party pack doesn’t work, how is this OK? and what’s the problem that they all don’t work?!

  9. GoGanz24 says:

    Can you attend a party from the mobile app, or does it have to be the web version of Webkinz?

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