Spirit Shops Fashions

Take a look at the cool Kinzville Academy clothing items in Webkinz Next!

The Spirit Shop is located in the Kinzville Academy and it’s a great place to spend your School Ribbons! We’ve stocked the Spirit Shop with school supplies and exclusive school-themed items.
There are four main school outfits sold at the Spirit Shop
Soccer Player


Marching Band



Since the items in the Spirit Shop change throughout the day, you may not have had a chance to collect everything. How many of these fashion items have you collected?


If you could add any kind of school outfit to the Spirit Shop, what would it be?

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15 Responses to Spirit Shops Fashions

  1. hungrylion71 says:


  2. Buttonwillow says:

    Please offer cheerleader shoes.

  3. nettne2 says:

    School Mascot outfit- That looks like an original classic looking “beagle in a school color outfit” with a head, megaphone, shoes and pom poms.

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