Spring Celebration Sneak Peek!



A limited edition room theme is blooming soon in Webkinz Next!



The Spring Celebration Theme is coming to Webkinz Next for one month only!


From March 19-April 19, shop for this bright and beautiful theme in the W Shop.



The Spring Celebration theme will be available for Kinzcash. Can you collect the whole theme in one month?


Look for it this weekend, Sunday March 19, in Webkinz Next.




Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Download Webkinz Next


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19 Responses to Spring Celebration Sneak Peek!

  1. ZadiraMM says:

    I am curious. I have not seen the yellow gingham bunny in the store that shows in the opening screenshot. Does anyone know how we can get that?

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    Bought Spring Celebration theme in Next. Cute! Dropped 6400 KC. A little less cute. :-/

  3. wk2nd says:

    Have they replied to your email? Have got your diamonds yet? I still haven’t gotten a response to my email & still NO diamonds and it cleared my bank. I am getting very concerned and unhappy.

  4. kadielle says:

    Who do i reach out to for issues with diamonds purchased but not being added to my account? Microsoft store is not customer friendly and I would hate to stop using Webkinz Next! Is anyone else having this problem?

  5. megamom12 says:

    I hope to get a couple of pieces to add to my room from last year.

  6. KarenaJ says:

    Oh fun, I can’t wait to make some updates to my nursery with this theme!

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