Storybook Garden Ends in 3 Days!

Will you make it to level 30 before September 25?

Storybook Garden ends on September 25th!





Complete the Season and win a Diamond Gift Box, filled with one premium item.



And, if you’re playing with a Season Pass, once you complete the Season you’ll earn a Magical Fruit Tree. Harvest one Magical Fruit a day from this garden delight!



You can purchase a Season Pass to unlock up to 30 extra exclusive prizes any time for as low as $6.99 USD. Or, for an additional $2.00 USD, your Season Pass will come with 250 Season Points.



Still far from the end of the Season? You can always use Diamonds to skip levels.



What was YOUR favorite Storybook Garden prize?



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18 Responses to Storybook Garden Ends in 3 Days!

  1. fairysprig says:

    Hi everyone! Can you purchase Pass Rewards and Pass Rewards Bundles from past seasons or even the just previous season? Can you purchase them through the ganz estore at all?

    • sally says:

      Season passes can only be purchased for the current Season, directly through Webkinz Next.

      • gabbyelle24 says:

        Would you ever consider giving a choice of premium prizes for finishing and receiving the Diamond Gift Box? I know it sounds ungrateful, but my diamond gift box contained a prize I already owned. I earned a nursery dressing table in the diamond gift box. I had already “Won” that prize at some point while playing Next. I was just thinking it might be fun to have a choice of prizes like we have in other situations in Classic. I thought the diamond box was a great motivator, and the tree was wonderful. I thought the diamond box made progressing through the season more fun and seemed like a great reward for completing the season.

  2. Lemony2 says:

    A fun season. Love my freebies and diamonds. A suggestion, when asking for 5 wish tokens , please put requests like this during week 1, so we have lots of time to accomplish the task.

  3. wootsan0913 says:

    Second time I’ve finished!

  4. gingerdare says:

    I just finished yesterday. I’m really thankful that the daily tasks didn’t include a baby or kid pet. This was the first season I was actually able to finish all the way to the end.

  5. Grandma52 says:

    What can I do with the little bottles of magic?

  6. BH1464 says:

    I am so disappointed to not have been able to log in during this entire season. Actually, I haven’t been able to sign/log in since shortly after the last season started and there doesn’t seem to be any way to fix my issue. I just purchased my full season pass for the past season and have not been able to play since. So, that money was wasted. Not to mention the many plush and virtual Next pets I’ve bought. I’m sure glad I can at least still play Classic.

  7. megamom12 says:

    I finished a couple of days ago! I LOVE the tree! I earned enough diamonds for another baby spark as well!

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