The Egg Hunt is Returning!

The Egg Hunt is coming back to Webkinz Next with 6 new prizes!

From March 27-April 9 catch falling eggs in Kinzville and exchange them for Spring Celebration prizes.

Start looking for falling eggs in Kinzville on March 27.

How egg-cited are you?


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27 Responses to The Egg Hunt is Returning!

  1. Sonari says:

    I adore those egg candles!! Which probably means I’ll wind up with a thousand tea pots and not one egg candle. Ah… RNG, you are so not fun.

  2. kmade15 says:

    Sounds fun!

  3. kadielle says:

    Who do i reach out to for issues with diamonds purchased but not being added to my account? Microsoft store is not customer friendly and I would hate to stop using Webkinz Next! Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Hi kadielle. If you are having issues, please contact

      • wk2nd says:

        The same thing happened to me on Friday. it show at my bank but no diamonds. I emailed them already but have heard back yet. Hoprfully I will hear from them and it will be fixed tomorrow. I reaaly wanted to get a pony and have a ST Pattys Day babt :( There is obviusly an issue we can’t be the only ones.

      • wk2nd says:

        I meant I have NOT heard back yet. Sorry for the typos

      • P00KA2 says:

        Hi, some showed cleared through bank, and if you try to repurchase , says you already own. So think it is two different issues :)

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Yes, @kadielle. I haven’t been able to buy Season passes through the Microsoft store for a couple of seasons. We finally called our bank and told them that they are repeatedly blocking our legitimate purchases as fraud, and they told us that it is a Microsoft problem with a high percentage of scamming, so they are erring on the side of caution and blocking all purchases. We kept a customer service rep on the phone while we bought Season passes to make sure that they allowed it to go through. As we were on hold for 30 minutes, I don’t see a lot of Season passes or diamond purchases in my future unless something changes. I feel your pain @kadielle. At least we know we are not alone.

      • kadielle says:

        Thank you for all of the replies! I will definitely reach out to webkinzsupport. I was calling Microsoft. And yes if I click it again, it does say I already own that.

  4. Grandma52 says:

    I did the sweater event once, that was enough for me. I won’t do this one either. Maybe some different seeds or something might be nice.

  5. outgoinglyshy says:

    It would be nice to be able to choose your prize at least. Less duplicates and more fun that way I think. But I am always happy to have these holiday events. :) It keeps things interesting.

  6. bocquet says:

    Great another event you have to sit and wait and wait. I agree with the above comments its painful. Then with all the extras , some you can not sell back or send to the original account.

  7. nanamama12 says:

    So pretty!

  8. Puppyluv9063 says:

    This activity sounds like fun! I can’t wait!

  9. slk says:

    Not at all excited considering how the toy and sweater events ran. Waiting forever for 2-5 item drops has gotten out of hand. Until they start hearing us and fix these events, I’m not going to bother, especially since we can’t kinzpost or sell overstock. It’s been how many years now?

    • BoulderPrarieHome says:

      I did not do the sweater event either. How many sweaters does a person need? Maybe if they had matching hats… The Egg Hunt does not look too exciting either. The prizes were better last year.

    • megamom12 says:

      The site is only what, 2 years old? I actually would get at least four at a time. My major issue is that I often don’t have enough time to wait for them, but that’s not GANZ’s fault, just real life getting in the way of gaming.

    • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

      I agree… so painful

  10. lucylane556 says:

    YAY! I loved the egg hunt last year, but I didn’t get the hat with bunny ears. It’s too bad they won’t have it this year. Oh well!

    • AllyBelle15 says:

      I have it! Message me your username :)

      • lucylane556 says:

        It’s Liberty Cometstar 0 but you can’t really give it to me, cause there’s no kinzpost or anything. I wish there was… What’s your World Name, just so I know it’s you?

    • Sonari says:

      I maxed my drops every single day last year and still didn’t get the hat, which I wanted most, but I thought, okay, next year!! Now? No hat. BOO for not being able to choose your prize. What is the point of making the game less fun? I LOVE these events, I just don’t understand the restrictions like not being able to choose or sell extras. I feel for those who miss out. It’s a real bummer.

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