The Great Cake Cookoff Prizes will Bake You Happy!



The Great Cake Cookoff is a cooperative and competitive multi-player game in Webkinz Next and the prizes are SWEET!


Every time you play, ALL participants earn KinzCash, plus the 1st place winner gets a random mixer, 2nd place gets a Baker’s Jacket, and 3rd place earns extra KinzCash.



And at the end of each month, we tabulate the scores to determine which baker led the pack! The leader is awarded an amazing trophy!



How does the Great Cake Cookoff work?



Click on the table to get started and wait for other players to join. Search Kinzville and collect ingredients for the cake: Eggs, Butter, and Flour!


Players all see the same ingredients, so the race is on to collect them first. You can collect up to 9 ingredients at a time, then add them to the batter. Earn points for each required ingredient.


When the entire group has added enough ingredients to the batter within the time limit, the fantastic cake gets baked!




Tell us in the comments, which of these sweet prizes would bake YOU happy?





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8 Responses to The Great Cake Cookoff Prizes will Bake You Happy!

  1. cr2w says:

    Don’t have time to play this. At work most of the time when game happens. Need a 12 am to 1 am time.

  2. magsbird says:

    Of the mixers, my favorite was the Royal Blue Icing one. It was the most difficult one for me to win. I will never be good enough or have enough time to win the trophy in the game but I still enjoy playing.

  3. crystalfawns53 says:

    This is just a random idea, but I think it would be nice if there was a period of time where special holiday mixers were added into the prize pool or if there was a community event where playing the cakeoff a certain number of times awarded holiday mixers such as a Gingerbread mixer or a Valentine’s Day mixer. I think that would definitely encourage people to play more, especially if it was a community event award, because I understand how difficult it is to earn mixers for a lot of people.

  4. raggedyann1968 says:

    I’m not very good at this–but I’m happy others are and can win things!

  5. booreeves says:

    Hi Sally I haven’t got to the 3rd place and the Cake Cook off is har# for me, but can you please make it easy for other players and my favorite price that will make me Happy is 3rd place extra kinzcash.

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      Unfortunately, the difficulty of the Cake Cookoff event depends on the people who participate in the same round as you. When I played the cookoff events, there were times when it was so difficult to even win first place while other times, it was rather easy and I was able to maintain the lead the whole time. It usually comes down to luck in those cases. The best advice that I can give is try to get the ingredients closest to the mixer and if you see other players going in a certain direction to collect ingredients that just showed up and they are ahead of you, try to avoid going in the same direction because they will probably get to the ingredients first. At the end of the day, I think that practice can help and I wish you the best of luck in getting third place in the Cake Cookoff.

      • magsbird says:

        In addition to crystalfawns53′s excellent advice, I have been successful by waiting a few minutes after the game begins to sign-up. There are fewer pets participating at that time so you have a better chance of gathering enough ingredients to win the top 3 spots. I have been very successful using this method. I have won all 3 prizes with a basic pet that has not been enhanced with the additional speed option from the academy. Best of luck.

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