The Lil Otter Pup explores Jumbleberry Fields!


Every day the Otter Pup is excited to gather berries at Jumbleberry Fields! The Otter Pup noticed that even after the Community Challenge, the Lil Otter Pup still seemed a bit down. It decided that Berry Fest would be the perfect time to cheer up the Lil pup by showing it around one of its favorite games!


Every turn the Lil Otter Pup gets 3 chances to match the rolls of 5 dice and fill its jars! The higher the score, the more berries the pup wins at the end of each game. When a jar is filled, the pup will get a chance to choose from some amazing prizes! The Otter Pup has been saving up berries for months and has just filled a jar of Moonberries.


It’s going to let the Lil Pup choose a prize. Which prize should it go for? But the Otter Pup can’t help wondering why the Lil Otter Pup still seems a bit lonely. What could be bothering it?

33 Responses to The Lil Otter Pup explores Jumbleberry Fields!

  1. eler says:

    when the sour seeds grow can you then put them in your jumbleberry preserves to collect more prizes or can you only eat them seeds once grown?

  2. gingerdare says:

    Or you could let us play Jumbleberry Fields more than once a day going forward. That way we could get the pet buddies (for those who want them) and seeds or prizes without having to make such a hard decision. I only get a moonberry prize maybe once a year. It makes for a very, very hard choice, especially with the new prizes that were just added.

  3. noodle22 says:

    If the lil pup is lonely then it seems to me like it needs a moonberry fairy pet buddy :)

  4. Serendipitydoda says:

    I wonder if the system will let you get more than one of those new JF Buddies….though no idea why someone’d want two of the same one? But, I’m going to pull the packets of those sour seeds first, then next time I’ll get the Buddies. The JF prizes are usually there for a good while before they decide to switch them out.

  5. duff428 says:

    It is a tough choice. I filled my jars and chose seeds. Cannot wait to fill them again and get the pet buddies.

  6. hawk68 says:

    know what I just realized…. years ago when WW had the berry fest on and you could get 6 berries you would get one of each of the jumbleberry fields berries, a goo goo berry and a polarberry. Now you mostly get just the jumbleberry fields ones! No wonder no one is having luck finding the seeds. You can’t get the seeds if you don’t ever get the berries they are in!

  7. Tally says:

    It is tough to choose between those sour seeds and the pet buddy, but I have to say the plum-haired fairy has me! This would be a great choice for a lonely pup!

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