The plush Giraffe and Elephant have sold out!


First edition plush Giraffes and Elephants are now officially SOLD OUT.



We may make more of these pets, but the first editions are no longer available so hopefully you managed to collect these cuties before they sold out of Ganz eStore and our Amazon shop.



Be sure to spark baby Giraffes and Elephants in Webkinz Next. We can’t wait to see the next generation of Giraffes and Elephants walking around Kinzville!



There are five other plush pets to collect: The Panda, Chimpanzee, Cocker Spaniel, Lion and Sloth. Visit Ganz eStore and the Amazon store (U.S. only) to check out the entire collection.


11 Responses to The plush Giraffe and Elephant have sold out!

  1. nanamama12 says:

    I was hoping that they would hold out long enough for my next paycheck. (sigh) Oh, well, I have my pony so I can be content.

  2. gadsfavs1 says:

    I just bought the elephant off Amazon and I am not suppose to get it until April 18th. So disappointed it will take nearly a month :(

  3. FoxesRule612 says:

    Dang, I can’t believe they’ve already sold out! I’m glad I got the Elephant beforehand. He is so cute!!! I just wish the Giraffe had an actual neck. While as cute as it is, it looks more like an orange cow than a giraffe XD

  4. Hawaii50 says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that there might be a Virtual Giraffe for National Giraffe Day :)

  5. lucylane556 says:

    Well, It’s a good thing I have an elephant. Of course, I got it before they were starting to sell out.

  6. HorseQueen318 says:

    Soooooold out. But that’s okay!! I’m excited for more plush pets, but gee, I’m already broke so I can wait awhile haha

  7. obie987 says:

    I sparked my elephant and she is so cute. She is a kid now.

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