The Tulip Bulbs are still disappearing!


Everyone has been doing a great job of visiting the Clubhouse room to help the Tulip Pony try to catch Nafaria stealing tulip bulbs. The only problem is that so far, no one has managed to catch that Bad Fairy and the bulbs are still disappearing! One eagle-eyed player DID notice some pawprints leading away from the garden. Do you think Nafaria planted those pawprints to lead us off the track? The Tulip Pony is still determined to catch that naughty fairy!

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  1. Stripeyyy says:

    Hey pals. I know who it is, with 100% certainty. It’s the new Webkinz Grey Vole! It just got released like today. It matches all the clues: tiny pawprints, small and dark, and not Nafaria lol. Another hint: in the login picture where you see the tulip fairy and the pixie watching Webkinz running in the garden, there is a grey fuzzy mouse-looking Webkinz with its face turned away so we can’t see it. Look up a picture of the new Grey Vole. It has the same body. Plus, voles in real life are notorious for eating flower bulbs! You heard it here first ;)

  2. Queenwarmheart1 says:

    who likes to take tulips from my garden irl? squirrels!

  3. cjwhitener says:

    There is a unknown area between the boot planters and the big flower pot in the back left corner. Could that fairy be hiding there? (behind the tree)

  4. twdfan says:

    the bench by the snake has a white and pink thing behind it but not the other bench

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