Update: Look for Wooly Piglet Clubhouse Room Prizes on Webkinz Newz!

Update: Because players are currently unable to find the Piglet in the Clubhouse Room, it seems the snow storm has swept the Wooly Piglet over to Webkinz Newz! See if you can catch a glimpse of it with a special Webkinz Newz Floaty Clicky! 


That’s right – while you’re still welcome to visit the Wooly Piglet Clubhouse Room and play in the snow, you have a chance to collect all the prizes between December 4 and 18 here on Webkinz Newz. 


Look for the floating Wooly Piglet on Webkinz Newz and click on it to receive one gift a day! Check out the prize schedule below. And keep checking in at the Clubhouse… who knows when we will dig that pig out!


PLUS after our next update on December 19, we will be extending the Wooly Piglet Clubhouse event to December 31!



Oh no! The Wooly Piglet was on its way to Webkinz World when a sudden snowstorm blew up, trapping it at the Clubhouse! We need to free the Wooly Piglet – it has to get to Ganz eStore by Christmas Day!


Help us dig out the Wooly Piglet! Every day between December 1 and 24, visit the Wooly Piglet Room in the Clubhouse to keep the piglet company and let it know that help is on the way!



If we all dig together, we can free that little pig and make sure that the Wooly Piglet gets to Ganz eStore by Christmas day when it goes on sale!


320 Responses to Update: Look for Wooly Piglet Clubhouse Room Prizes on Webkinz Newz!

  1. SLS216 says:

    i did look on webkinz newz- clicked on piggie on webkinz newz- still no prize -i have heard others reporting similar problems-not trying to cause one here -just trying to be honest ’bout what’s going on-bringing nothing but peace.

  2. SLS216 says:

    Been a member since Webkinz was born-clicked on piggie for prize-the 16th-snowbush-said it was in dock-looked forever -not there-don’t know if glitch -please reimburse-thank you

  3. Crantz says:

    Could you please extend the days to get the prizes from the first days, I haven’t found out and only started collecting since the 14th! I would love to get the snow ball. Thanks.

  4. mommysbabe19 says:

    I have been trying to get this TODAY which is the 13th on my calendar but it says the campaign has expired and won’t give it to me. I went to the clubhouse and that is not working yet either. Should we just give up on getting these adorable prizes? I can imagine how frustrating this is to children who are playing. I am a very old adult player LOL.

    • Sollace says:

      Look for the floating pig head here on webkinz news – Click – It’s how I got my ‘reward’ today. Good luck!

      • mommysbabe19 says:

        That’s what I was talking about in my post. When I click on the piglet, it says the campaign has expired and won’t let me have my “reward”. It acted like I was trying to get two when I never got the first one. Just frustrating and needed to vent. Still not working as I just tried again and same thing.

    • izzy5242 says:

      How old cuz same lol

    • quinttua says:

      I’ve been having the same problem, for the past few days I haven’t gotten any prizes even though it says I have been awarded them. Today is the first time I’m getting the expiration message which makes me very sad as the item for today was my favorite and I really wanted to get it. I know they said they were going to extend the event after the update on the 19th but I am not sure if they will still be giving away the prizes people have missed due to these glitches.

  5. aca77 says:

    what are terra terrain used for?

  6. Kitterzy says:

    Man…missed the one for the 11th because the site was down.

  7. sugakoookie says:

    I love the frozen water tiles and the tile with paw prints in the snow !!! So cute !!

  8. Psears3123 says:

    This website was DOWN all day yesterday and I was completely unable to get my daily piggie!! Can you give those of us who tried and couldn’t get it an extra piggie today??? It’s not fair that I lost out because the website was down.

  9. ImaPepper says:

    Just wondering what happened to Webkinz Newz yesterday? I tried to log in but only got a blank white page, and it only became available a little while ago.

  10. eclipse07 says:

    I wanted the cookies but can’t get them sam030507

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