Time for some horse play! Get closer look at the plush Rocky Mountain Horse.

Webkinz plush come with pet codes for Classic and Next. Now THAT sounds like a slice of hay-ven.


Mare-y holidays! The Webkinz plush Rocky Mountain Horse is now available at Ganz eStore and Amazon.com for $29.99 shipping included and, as a gift, it’s an absolute mane-stay for a fun holiday.

Adopt your pet in Webkinz Classic AND Webkinz Next! Each plush comes with two pet codes, one for each game. Hold your horses! That’s one plush and two virtual pets—Endless amounts of horsing around!

Each virtual Rocky Mountain Horse comes with a special pet-specific gift including a Spired Stable and an Apple Stack Cake.

In Webkinz Next, each Rocky Mountain Horse comes with three sparks. That’s three chances to spark unique Rocky Mountain Horse Babies.

The Rocky Mountain Horse is available from Ganz eStore and Amazon.com (U.S. customers only). Each pet comes wrapped in custom Webkinz tissue paper and giftbox. Order yours today!
Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



7 Responses to Time for some horse play! Get closer look at the plush Rocky Mountain Horse.

  1. piggitime says:

    Ohhhh. So this is where the ‘pet rock dog house’ comes from! It’s the Rocky Mountain Horse psi. I need to get my horse adopted asap.

  2. 100dogs says:

    GANZ are all the rare pets gone in Webkinz Next the ones which you can ONLY get if you spark the pet. Like the pink elephant. The rare unicorn . The rainbow retriever and etc. I was wondering if they are all gone or if there where still some available that you could spark and then buy the plush. If you could answer this i would appropriate it.

    • sally says:

      Two redemption pets are no longer available — the Fabulous Cow and the Rainbow Unicorn. They cannot be sparked anymore. There are still four pets in the system: Rainbow Retriever, Pinkalicious Pig, Pinktastic Lion and Violet Velvet Elephant. You can still spark these and choose to purchase the accompanying plush.

      • 100dogs says:

        Thank you so much for checking . I know you and the other Webkinz Team Members do A LOT for Webkinz and Wenkinz Next. I do really appreciate all you do. I know it is a lot of work to keep classic and next running i am vary glad classic did not go away since of flash player. Thank you for all that you and the webkinz team do :)

  3. cr2w says:

    This is off topic. I purchased/renewed deluxe membership Black Friday, but no code in my history. I forget, but will code show closer to my expire date which is in about a week?

  4. jediknightpie says:

    unrelated, but what’s up with the potm on today’s activities on classic? it’s displaying the pet for next month rather than the frog

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