Time To Vote For A New Room Theme!



It’s time to vote for the next theme you’d like to see added to the W-Shop! You have 3 to choose from: Painted Glass, Playful Ponies and Cotton Candy Kitchen. I hope that everyone had the chance to look at each concept drawing carefully (CLICK HERE to see them again), because they will be used as inspiration for the rest of the items that will be included in the winning theme.


*Voting has now ended. Stay tuned for the results…


23 Responses to Time To Vote For A New Room Theme!

  1. tkkac says:

    I went with the Playful Ponies because I like that it makes it clear it’s a bedroom set. The glass might be nice but they don’t say what kind of room type it will be. Could be some random pieces like a dinning chair, toilet and bookshelf, not enough to really complete a room. I liked that the cotton candy one said it was a kitchen set but how much stuff can go in kitchen? It sounds like it won’t have much in it. I said it once and I’ll say it again. It’s hard to choose a theme off of just one picture.

  2. forestsprite says:

    I’d like painted glass. Couldn’t vote though, just get an “email cannot be empty.” error :/ Wish there was some settings place I where could fix that.

  3. missims100 says:

    I want the Painted Glass.

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