Today Is Player Appreciation Day!


Don’t forget to log in today to receive this awesome KVA Graduation Diploma that you can place on the wall to commemorate your pet’s graduation! Just because some graduation ceremonies were cancelled this year doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in Webkinz!



So fab. So fun.

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  1. fairysprig says:

    Thanks for this lovely Player Appreciation Day prize. Unfortunately many of my accounts didn’t receive it. I agree that Kinzville Academy classes Strength and Speed seem impossible to pass, before level 10 which is discouraging and frustrating.

  2. bella201223 says:

    I missed it…. :(( i was taking my last final and slept thru the day from an all nighter. I’m so bummed. if anyone has alt accounts, my user is 201223 and I will repay the favor!

  3. twix12784 says:

    This is so nice, considering I was supposed to have my high school graduation this year!! Thanks Webkinz!

  4. ADSLO1 says:

    On player appreciation day, I would really like you (Webkinz) to take this under consideration: There has got to be a better way to make pets happy than to have to do 2-3 activities and feed all of them. I am good with doing a few, but I have nearly 300 and it takes me an hour each day just to get all of the pets happy. By the time I am finished, I the joy in playing is gone. I would like to be excited about the special activities, but after an hour, the excitement is gone. I used to love playing the games in the arcade and exploring in adventure park, but now, by the time I get everyone happy, I am ready to just quit. I have thought of just abandoning the game many times, but have been a faithful player for a great many years and have a lot invested in the game. Please consider a way to enjoy the game without taking a full hour each day to make pets happy.

    • Katz1259 says:

      HI ADSL01 I am curious why you feel you have to keep every one of your pets happy? Yes I am sure you probably earn more prizes but as you have pointed out you have lost the enjoyment of the game. Once I got over 150 I stopped trying to keep every single pet happy. It would frustrate me that by the time I was done, some were no longer happy anymore. I play with pets at random. If I log on and it’s their birthday I play with them, if I have a berry themed pet I play with that one during Berry Fest. I have several winter/Christmas themed pets that I start rotating through in early November. Some I play with for a day, or a week or longer. I always play with my first first pet I adopted several times a year. When I change pets the pets are mostly unhappy, but once I play with them for a short while I am able to make them happy. I keep all of my pets sleeping in beds if I am not playing with them. I watch for sales and buy my beds for under 250 KC….that’s when I stock up. I have rooms full of beds full of pets sleeping. It can be tricky to choose a pet that is ‘blocked in’ by other beds, then you have to remove pets from beds and beds from the room until you get the pet you want then put back bed, pet, bed, pet until you are done ending with a bed that your current pet will sleep in at the end of that day’s play. Don’t worry…be happy!

    • string says:

      Wow ADSL01 that’s alot! I don’t have any where near that amount, but I do not try to fill all hearts everyday. I visit my pets in the same order and fill each a little at a time. Makes me enjoy the game more. I remember when this first started, I couldn’t believe how fast some players went through it. I’m in for the long haul. Have to remind myself that some times. Do what U can and enjoy! Hope this helps.

  5. Powerann says:

    This is a cute item, and I thank you for it. But …. I am tremendously glad that it differs in design from the actual diploma your pet receives upon graduating the KA. It has taken me YEARS, untold frustration and KinzCash (each course would cost 50KC, pass or fail – and there were a LOT of fails!). And even longer to get to where my “uneducated” pets only have to do 10 classes at Level 10 of each course. My graduated pets proudly display their diplomas in their rooms, and in their bio files they each have their own personalized printed version that Ms. Cowoline signed!

  6. Ahowely says:

    Those are really really neat

  7. butta708 says:

    I logged in to my webkinz but I did not receive the dipolma

  8. Amygirl113 says:

    2 things: Just a note to my WW friends – Ultrasonic3 – and many others who sent me notes missing me – thanks so much. My computer died. I’m not up completely yet – but have one for a couple days till get my new one all set up. Thanks so much for your notes – I’ve missed you all very much. And thanks Ganz for the Player Appreciation Day Diploma – it’s super and so glad I got on today to get it. See you guys as soon as I can. Love you all.

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