Trick Or Treat Street Concept Drawings


The Webkinz Newz community recently chose the Treat or Treat Street theme as this year’s Halloween room theme and today, I am excited to show you the first set of concept drawings!


I really like how this theme is turning out, but there is still some time before the artists start modeling each item in 3D. This is your chance to leave feedback in the comments section below. Tell us what you like or don’t like about each item or how you would make them better. We will be reading each comment carefully and take all your suggestions into consideration before making the final items.


Here is a look at the homes that will be included in this theme. You will be able to add the homes to the border of an outdoor room to create the feel of a neighborhood that is decorated for Halloween. There will be three different homes, each featured in a unique color. You’ll be able to mix and match colors or set up a neighborhood using only one. Do you like the colors we used?:



We added the road tiles that you could collect playing SPREE to the W-Shop and now you’ll have sidewalk pieces to match them. I think they will be perfect to use as pathways leading to each house as well. The paw prints are a nice touch but you don’t need to use them if you don’t like. The sidewalk tiles will change slightly when you rotate them in your room:



This lamp post is beautiful and I love that it will glow purple when it’s turned on. The Trick or Treat banner is also the perfect touch. What do you think?:



The last concept drawing I have to show today is a hedge that is decorated for Halloween. The concept drawing features a giant spider decoration resting on top of the hedge, but it will change with each rotation, giving you lots of design options:



Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what you like or don’t like about each item. You could have a hand in how the final pieces will look! We will be taking every comment into consideration.


Stay tuned for some more concept drawings coming soon. I plan on posting them on Saturday, Aug 17th.


269 Responses to Trick Or Treat Street Concept Drawings

  1. sadie1998 says:

    I wish the houses were normal colored with Halloween decorations, just like in an actual neighborhood. I liked the bench drawing, because I envisioned a neighborhood where my pets could trick or treat. I’m not a fan of the crazy colors, they look like a fun house you’d see at a fall carnival. I do like the spider bush, street lamp, and sidewalk though! Those look more like what I thought about when I saw the concept bench drawing. Could you make it a way where depending on the houses’ rotation, it could be crazy colored or normal colored? That way, it would please both types of people. Or offer a row of normal colored houses with decorations as an item also, along with the crazy colored ones?

  2. RockyB says:

    I hope this theme isn’t as boring as the Christmas Carol theme from 2014 with a bunch of rooms you can’t enter.

  3. hmoii7 says:

    I am definitely excited for this theme to be happening! I just would like to see more variety in the homes kind of like the outdoor Christmas theme from a few years ago. I also would like to see them in more regular home colors covered in cobwebs and whatnot! It would be cool if you clicked on it and spooky creature flew out or eyes appeared in windows too! Some houses could look abandoned or be made of brick too! Also, what about a three way or even four way sidewalk tile?

  4. calabelle says:

    make some jack o lanterns, ghosts floating around and black cats please!! lots of pumpkins make halloween so fun. And candy! Maybe have bags of candy and halloween candy bowls to switch around!

  5. JRS1 says:

    I love the colors of the homes, the road tiles, and streetlights. I do have some ideas though I hope you will consider. I like the style of the homes, but they should be a little different and also have decorations. There could be one with a couple tombstones in front and ghost decor in the window. One with a witch near roof flying on broom in front of moon, or smashed into front door, with one of those arched back scaredy cats in the window. Also, being a Trick or Treat theme our Webbiekinz need some bags or buckets for trick or treating. Maybe with some candy inside. They could be similar to the Bag of Groceries or, even better, the Party Time Presents where the bag or bucket and what is showing with it would change when rotated.

  6. iamtntru says:

    I absolutely love this theme. I cant wait to buy everything. Better start saving now. lol

  7. chocolatemermaid8 says:

    I do love it all as always! I think it would be fun if you had some tiles like the blue daisies that were maybe bones…or piles of bones, or they can be different if you turned the tile. Like the snowballs we got. But if they were single ones, your pet could walk over them. And they could lead up to the row of houses. Something to that effect.

  8. fancyduck58 says:

    I’m so happy this theme won, this is the one that I voted for. I love the design concepts, especially that hedge- very cool!!!! :)

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