Triple Strike Solitaire Community Challenge on Webkinz Next!

A new community challenge has just started on Webkinz Next!



Help complete the challenge by playing games of Triple Strike Solitaire, our most recently added game, and by collecting Playing Card Cookies!



Playing Card Cookies will be floating around Webkinz World, so keep your eyes open for them. They will not appear while you’re playing a game in the Arcade, though.



You can collect up to 5 cookies per day. While you can feed them to your pet, hold on to them! You’ll need them for a special recipe. You can find the Triple Strike Coffee Table recipe on the Carpenter’s Work Bench from now until July 23.



Either collecting the Playing Card Cookie or playing Triple Strike Solitaire during the challenge until the totals are reached counts as participation. Everyone who participates before the challenge is over will get the prize!


Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.



65 Responses to Triple Strike Solitaire Community Challenge on Webkinz Next!

  1. webkinz57fun says:

    Very disappointed-On Next it shows you can make the coffee table till July 24th-NOPE-recipe has been removed.

    • GoGanz24 says:

      It did stay there until the 24th; not through. Even the article above says we only have until the 23rd to build it. You should have built it yesterday.

  2. LadyBeauty says:

    Well, I didn’t get to craft the coffee table since I didn’t get any wood. I am so disappointed. If only the “recipe” would have stayed on our work bench until we actually had all the supplies, and had crafted it. I hope it will become a prize that we can win at a later time, or be available again later for us to craft. ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

  3. LeeLee says:

    I used all my wood when I worked on the challenges we received before this one. I log in every day and do the wheel of wow daily, but the couple of bags I got did not have any wood in them. :/ Looks like I won’t be able to make the coffee table.

  4. bhart371 says:

    No my issue was not solved. I reset game cache as instructed, but I still do not get the daily log on gifts.

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