Try the New Atlantiles!


We’ve made some art updates, but the game is still played the same way!



Tap matching tiles to remove them. There must be a clear path connecting the tiles, drawn with a line using 2 turns or less. The faster you clear the board, the more points you’ll earn!



This new and improved version of Atlantiles will also soon be coming to, along with the ability to award the Atlantiles Trophy!


Don’t have the Webkinz Mobile App yet? You can download it for FREE at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Have YOU played the new version of Atlantiles yet? Let us know in the comments below.


53 Responses to Try the New Atlantiles!

  1. kinsiebun says:

    Hello I just completed the 8 levels on my mobile but i can’t find the trophy anywhere :(

  2. CLS954 says:

    Since the update to the game was done, I have not been able to see my pets, rooms, etc. I was able to still sign on to play the Wheel of Wow for a few days. Now nothing happens when I log in. Really disappointed in this as it seems when there are updates, then something else goes wrong. Is anyone else having problems with their mobile Webkinz??? Thanks!

  3. catdog9 says:

    I don’t like the new art it is not like the water

  4. mommysbabe19 says:

    This is my favorite game and has been since it was introduced. I can spend hours and finally got the trophy once. I wish it would be on one of the Deluxe monthly challenges as I can really play this game as opposed to some LOL. I am glad it is on mobile now. I also LOVE the new Jumbleberry Blast game. Thanks for these games.

  5. ArtMagician says:

    I am disappointed in this update. Even though I haven’t played this version, the background is just not as enchanting as the aquatic one in the original. However, it reflects Atlantis more. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  6. BestMom says:

    I have played on the Mobile App. It is a fun game. Too bad my iPad will not load my pet’s room lately…. :(

  7. bsl207 says:

    When will the game be updated?

  8. a5t says:

    Yus! Love this game!

  9. beaubo says:

    i haven’t played it in a while, i will have to play again to see the new graphics.

  10. ojibwa says:

    I have never even tried it, but I will now!

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