Twice the Fun!

Double your fun with TWO great group games! The Fantastic Snowman is back better than ever, but you don’t have to choose between it and the Great Cake Cookoff — both games have their own schedules and they don’t overlap!

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22 Responses to Twice the Fun!

  1. surprisecub8 says:

    I’ve had this happen to me on the Great Cake Cookoff game! I haven’t played it since because it’s a waste of time to invest my time into the game and have it just end with no results shown.

  2. smilesrfree8 says:

    I’m having issues with Fantastic Snowman! At least twice in the past few days, the game has timed out as the hour changed; however, this does not reward the players who have already invested time in the game. Both times this has happened to me in the past few days alone, I had invested over 20 minutes (once 30 minutes) in the game and earned over 100,000 points, and it feels like a waste when there’s no reward for it. Sometimes this happens because you’re only working with one other person to build the snowman, or the people you’re playing with simply do not aim the snowballs at the snowman so they don’t make much of a contribution to the completion, and overall this causes the game to take quite long and timeout. I’m wondering if this can be changed to allow the game in play to properly end once the snowman is built with rewards as usual, rather than abruptly ending at the change of the hour with no rewards? Additionally, it would be very, very appreciated if the players who have lost out on prizes for this could retrospectively be given the prizes for the place they were in when their games ended. Thanks so much!!

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