Two New Rare Limited Edition Plush in Webkinz Next!


Just as the Rainbow Unicorn sells out, two more very special pets have emerged from the wild!


Meet the Pinktastic Lion and the Violet Velvet Elephant—our newest rare, limited edition plush pets, available exclusively through sparking in Webkinz Next.

Any time you create a baby in Webkinz Next, there is a chance that you will unlock one of these special pets. And all of them come with the chance to purchase a limited edition plush!

You can improve your odds of sparking a Pinktastic Lion or Violet Velvet Elephant by using sparks from a Pride Lion or Elephant parent. Or use uncommon or rare parents as another way to help your chances.


Remember, when these limited edition pets grow into adults, they do not come with sparks. If you have already purchased one and you spark another, you can choose to create a different baby in its place. The limited edition plush pets are also exclusive to Webkinz Next. They do not include a code for a pet on Webkinz Classic.



These plush are extremely limited in quantity! Head to the adoption center for your chance to add one of these rare babies to your Webkinz family.




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58 Responses to Two New Rare Limited Edition Plush in Webkinz Next!

  1. azhoutz says:

    I don’t have enough gems but I’m sure to get one

  2. azhoutz says:

    I love that pinktastic lion I hope I get it

  3. Rareone says:

    I really wish they would make this a choice to keep the limited as a baby, or spark another. It really doesn’t seem fair to force a none sparking pet on anyone. I know you can choose the second time you spark the same one, but it should be a choice the first time, or get sparks with the pet. It’s taking hard earned diamonds from players that are hoping to spark more babies. Maybe think about changing this Webkinz?

  4. robinroyal says:

    I am very, very disappointed the ultra violet elephant cannot be purchased through the eStore and does not come with a code for Webkinz Classic. However, I understand there need to be some perks to being a Webkinz Next member. Good luck to everyone sparking pets on Next, and good-bye to a lovely pet I will never have.

  5. bonesbongo says:

    I am disappointed that I could not purchase the Ultra Rare Violet Velvet Elephant yesterday. IT WAS REMOVED FROM MY MESSAGE CENTER BEFORE I COULD DO SO. :( It was May 22, 2022 when I sparked this cutie I had the option to purchase -> June 5, 2022. When logging into my Webkinz Next account yesterday morning it was still available I returned in the afternoon to BUY it, I couldn’t do so it had been deleted from my message center. What’s up with this? June 5th is until midnight it was only 3:00 pm when I wanted to get it, no longer available in message center.

    • kagonos276 says:

      This exact same thing happened to me with the Retriever. I was so disappointed. It was there in the morning and when I had time in the afternoon and went back to purchase, it was gone. I was so upset that it was removed early. Of course, no response from anyone from Ganz or Webkinz.

  6. bonesbongo says:

    Sally Webkinz – I have the option to purchase the ULTRA RARE VIOLET VELVET ELEPHANT but I’m still undecided whether to get it or not. Does the transaction to purchase this adorable pet go through the eStore? If not who does it go through? I still have 5 days to decide if I will purchase or not but I have been having problems making purchases on Webkinz Next. I’m still not able to get the Season Pass I have missed out on the last two.

  7. Sonari says:

    I have to stop looking at these rare limited ones. I don’t do well with games of chance. I wish they could just be purchased outright. Maybe someday they could do another run that’s not first edition for those of us who only want a version, not rare or limited, just one that looks like them. Little purple elephant, I love you even if I’ll never meet you!!!! I did try, but I’m not the four leaf clover finding type. =(

  8. Sonari says:

    Did these just become possible to get? I got two elephant plushies just to possibly get whatever the super rare elephant was because I love elephants so much, but I already used their three sparks and didn’t even get a rare let alone this amazing purple one! Did I basically just waste my best chances?

  9. catgirl3004 says:

    I’m really disappointed in Webkinz and Ganz for using these basically gacha-game mechanics for these pets. I don’t have the gems to spark for any new pets, and I don’t want to buy gems for sparks since I won’t be guaranteed either pet. I love this cute new pink lion, but since I have to roll for it like some mobile game, I definitely won’t be getting my hands on one. :(

    • Alexandrite_Ledger says:

      Maybe someone will sell one on ebay? I’ve seen people sell their rare Next plush there.

    • Eilish says:

      catgirl3004, I understand what you’re saying. Talk about cheating! I now have 4 “pets” I was forced to keep when I sparked two adults. 80 gems per pet wasted. That’s 320 originally wasted, then 320 more to replace them for I pet I could use to recieve more sparks. The 4 pets I didn’t want, ( dog with rainbow ears and tail… cow with rainbow sparkles… unicorn…and pink lion), are now together in a far away room, unused. I’m not going to purchase the plush they push on us, just to waste more money. I have been cheated by those who warn us not to cheat. Go figure. If the pets had sparks to use, it would be a different story. It takes a long time to save 80 gems only to have them wasted on a pet ‘They’ made me keep. I understand that when sparking it is a gamble. I love the combinations I got when sparking in the usual way. The othe 4 are cute, but not for me. I was cheated.

  10. bonesbongo says:

    What is the availability for these adorable NEW Rare Plush pets the Pinktastic Lion and Violet Velvet Elephant, there is no mention of how many of each will be available to purchase if you are able to spark one. The odds are in your favor, I was able to get the Ultra Rare Violet Velvet Elephant when I sparked both 1st Generation Grey Tabby & Moon Bear. Good Luck to you all. ;}

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