Update #255: What’s New!


Hello Kinzville! Today marks another update in Webkinz World and I’m here to talk about what’s new!



  • Hotel staff uniforms are now available on the Webkinz mobile app’s Mobile Zone! You’ll also get one free piece from this collection each day just by logging in to your account from August 10th – August 14th!



  • Keep celebrating Wacky until August 12th! Look for Wacky floating across your screen and click on him to get a Wacky piece of food that you can feed to your pet for the chance to win a Wacky Snack Machine Fridge! (limited to 3 pieces of food per day)




  • Our Super School Giveaway returns! Log in to your Webkinz account each day from August 15th – September 9th to receive some super school prizes!



  • New Recess prizes have arrived at the Kinzville Academy! The next time you take your pet to recess, you might receive some of the new prizes we’ve added to all of the recess activities, along with some new food items for the packed lunch!




  • Our next Deluxe Day is on Wednesday, August 17th! Once again, Deluxe Members will be able to log in and visit the Today’s Activities in order to receive a special prize: a Wacky Zingoz Doorbell! If you’re not a Deluxe Member yet, there’s still time to join in on all the fun and prizes!



  • Keep spinning those wheels! We’ve also once again updated the prizes on the Wheel of Wow for web and mobile, along with the Wheel of Deluxe!



We’ve also fixed more features and items! To see all of the items we’ve fixed each week, you can check out our list by clicking here.


Mayor of Kinzville


80 Responses to Update #255: What’s New!

  1. SarahBeara523 says:

    I am trying to invite a friend over to see my new room, but the house/paw icon on the phone will not highlight and I cannot invite my friend over. Why isn’t this feature working properly? We have done it several times in the past and it is a lot of FUN!!!! Please advise!

  2. mamabear69 says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the clubhouse? It will not load for me since the update.

  3. beerfeet says:

    Wow that sure is a short list of fixed items for August 10th. I know there are so many items left unfixed. Do you need for all of us to send you our list of items still needing to be fixed or do you have a list you are working through? I hope next month will include things like the fountain of wow, the super deluxe rollercoaster, the mountain mine cart coaster, the Good vs Evil fairy fountain, the log water ride & the lazy river.

    • 48Becky says:

      I so totally agree! The items that seem to have the most animation, like the log ride or the roller coasters are taking the longest to repair. I would like to have the swimming pools to work. Thanks for all the changes so far.

  4. KAGI1 says:

    Somebody from WW please do something about our docks! From last update all items in our docks are very small! We have big screen (26″) and tried 3 different browsers, increased size of the image as much as we can do everything else, restored computer for for 1 month back- nothing works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help us please! My two sisters are wearing glasses and they have more problems than I do!

  5. gigiliz says:

    Dear Cowabelle, we asked several days Fiona to help us, but nothing change with our docks! We have nobody else to ask for help but you as our mayor you should help us! We cannot see items in a docks, they are so small, that our eyes pup up after few minutes! My sister and I wearing glasses and we have big screen (26″), we tried all 3 browsers and increased image as much as we could to do everything on WW. Our grandma even restored our computer for 1 month earlier time – nothing help. You are only one who can help us: Please pass this message to Webkinz tech people, you are only our hope! Ple-e-e-e-e-ease!

  6. KAGI1 says:

    Webkinz gurus, please do something about our dock: it’s so small and all items invisible. We tried increase size all screen, but it’s not help much: or we cannot play -because everything is too big, or adjust way we can do everything, but cannot see items in our docks! In additions Arcade’s two people play Chef Challenge is freezing all the time! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      Ummm…….. That does not happen when I do any of the things that you do. Maybe it is just the source that you internet is on. Was it storming and lightning out when this had happened? Is your laptop or computer touchscreen? If it was that would make sense. It you put your hooves together and then spread them out on your touchscreen it should widen things out and make the screen normal again.

    • jimi66 says:

      Yes it is definitely smaller. I can barely tell what some things are. Makes it really hard to pick clothing changes and furniture and decorations.

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